Mia Khalifa Left In Tears After Fan’s Girlfriend Makes Vile Joke About Her Adult Film Career

Mia Khalifa broke down in tears after a fan's girlfriend made a very distasteful joke about her past adult film career.
Credit: @miakhalifa/Instagram

Mia Khalifa, who no longer works in the adult film industry, broke down in tears after a fan’s girlfriend made a distasteful joke about her past career.

The former adult star, 30, made a significant impact during her brief stint in the business, quickly rising in popularity and becoming one of the most viewed stars worldwide.

Despite leaving the industry behind, Khalifa has continued to find success, having started a jewellery brand – as well as having a huge social media following.

Although she’s left the adult film world behind, the Lebanese American star continues to face unwelcome reminders of her past.

In a conversation with YouTube personality Anthony Padilla, the former adult star opened up about a regrettable experience that deeply affected her.

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Khalifa explained that she was in London attending a business meeting with a company she had recently signed with when the moment happened.

While celebrating a successful press tour for their joint project, she was approached by a man and his girlfriend.

The man asked for a photo, but the former adult star politely declined, as she was in the middle of a professional lunch.

Reflecting on the incident, Khalifa admitted that she could have handled the situation better, but she considered the man’s approach to be rude given the circumstances.

Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa broke down in tears after the fan’s girlfriend made a distasteful joke about her adult film career. Credit: @miakhalifa/Instagram

However, it was the girlfriend’s response that truly hurt Khalifa.

The woman made an appalling joke, saying: “I told you that wasn’t her. There’s not enough c** on her face. Let’s go, babe.”

This cruel remark deeply affected Khalifa, leading her to retreat to the bathroom where she shed tears.

The situation was particularly challenging for Khalifa because it happened during a business engagement and came from a woman.

Fortunately, the businessmen she was with – who had no connection to the adult film industry – were understanding and supportive.

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They comforted Khalifa and maintained a professional working relationship with her, unaffected by the incident.

In a recent appearance on Steven Bartlett’s Diary Of A CEO podcast, Khalifa disclosed that a relationship during her late teens influenced her involvement in the adult film industry.

Her then-husband, who was in the US Army at the time, introduced her to the world of adult films and encouraged her participation.

Looking back, Khalifa recognises the relationship as a form of ‘grooming’, in which she was treated as a toy for his amusement.

Despite her relatively short time in the industry, Khalifa has faced severe consequences, including being disowned by her family.

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