Model Sparks Outrage After Sharing Her 118 Reasons For Not Wanting Children

A model has shared the 118 reasons she doesn't want children and unsurprisingly, people have had a lot to say about it. 
Credit: @ellie_gonsalves/Instagram

A model has shared the 118 reasons she doesn’t want children and unsurprisingly, people have had a lot to say about it. 

The decision whether or not to have children is a deeply personal one.

In fact, it’s usually not advised to comment either way on anyone else’s attitudes to bringing new life into the world.

But that doesn’t always stop the internet from having an opinion…

And this week, one model’s tirade against having kids has attracted a lot of online attention – and backlash.

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Australian model Ellie Gonsalves, 33, divided the internet after sharing her controversial Instagram post.

In it, she detailed her 118 reasons for not wanting children.

Some of the reasons were lighthearted and humorous, while others were a little more serious and somber.

Gonsalves’s list ranged from the very real (‘You could get postpartum depression’) to the slightly silly (‘They can poo inside you’).

“After years of being asked why I don’t want children, I compiled this as it always seemed a short reason was never good enough or understood,” Gonsalves wrote alongside the list.


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“So, this is in more detail for those asking. It’s my own PERSONAL thoughts based on a lot of my own experiences or things very honest people have shared with me personally or online.

“Some people are made to be parents and that is amazing (I am so happy if you are happy!!!!) but that life is just not me.”

This extensive list of reasons really depicted quite how set Gonsalves was in her decision – and quite how much she’d considered it.

But rather than accept the influencer’s decision for what it was, the internet had a shocking response.

Many followers were quick to comment on Gonsalves’s post, offering their own opinions on whether or not she should choose to procreate.

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One follower wrote: “Having children makes you selfless… I believe that having a child has made me a better person. P.S. Half of your reasons are ridiculous!”

Others believed Gonsalves’s decision was indicative of her character more broadly.

“So much fear. Better not to have kids if that’s what you will instil into them anyway. Gosh, so many self-centred people in this world,” one added.

Another questioned the necessity of the Instagram post, writing: “I don’t know why people who don’t want to have kids think they have to announce it to the world to convince others it’s the better alternative, you don’t see lists of people convincing other to have kids… that would be disrespectful to push your opinions onto others.”

However, some other commenters totally had Gonsalves’s back.

Ellie Gonsalves
Model Ellie Gonsalves has decided not to have children, and she’s shared 118 reasons why. Credit: @ellie_gonsalves/Instagram

“Imagine if this was a world where you were just allowed to say ‘because it’s my choice not to’, instead of having to justify yourself with a million reasons then still having to deal with numerous strangers in the comments section who believe they have some say in your life,” one mused.

Another penned: “Why are people so bothered? It’s not their business, it has zero effect on their lives, and yet they are so upset by it. Totally your choice!”

Following the backlash, Gonsalves has pointed out that the response to her post just goes to show why it was so important to post it.

“[They] further illustrate my main point: people are told and sold a certain life, and when they witness others choosing a different path, the frustration lies within themselves,” she told Mamamia.

However, she has shouted out the mothers who have commented on her post, respecting her for her stance.

“It’s also been nice to read all of the comments from mothers who support another woman in making their own decision,” she added.

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