Woman Makes Long-Distance Boyfriend Sign Contract And People Are Calling Out Its ‘Insane’ Terms

A woman has made her long-distance boyfriend sign a contract - and people are far from happy with its 'insane' terms.
Credit: @devonrainmotley/TikTok

A woman has made her long-distance boyfriend sign a contract – and people are far from happy with its ‘insane’ terms.

In the realm of relationships, dedication often takes various forms, from shared homes to marriage vows.

However, there’s one couple who took their devotion to the next level by drafting an actual ‘legal’ contract outlining their commitment.

While this might not resonate with everyone, TikToker Devon Motley and her boyfriend Geren Gathright decided to create a Long Distance Agreement (LDA) before embarking on a period of separation, proving that love knows no bounds.

The video capturing the signing of this unique agreement by the Texas-based couple quickly became a sensation on TikTok, amassing over 1.8 million views.

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Devon humorously admitted that they might have indulged a bit too much in the legal drama series Suits, playing the show’s theme tune in the background as they inked their ‘contracts’.

The video’s caption summed up the playful premise: “POV: you and your bf write a contract before going into long-distance so if anything goes wrong you can sue each other.”

While it’s unclear exactly how far apart Devon and Geren will be or for how long, their LDA lays down a comprehensive set of rules to ensure their long-distance relationship remains strong.

The contract leaves no room for neglect, as they commit to calling each other at least once a day and maintaining ‘continuous contact’ throughout the day.

The contract also establishes various ‘violations’ that could lead to legal action.

LDA agreement on TikTok
Some people slammed the LDA’s ‘insane’ terms. Credit: @devonrainmotley/TikTok

These violations include cheating, defined as engaging in any s**ual contact with someone of the opposite s** or even communicating with them in a manner deemed inappropriate.

Neglect and slander are also addressed, with the agreement detailing acceptable levels of complaint about the relationship.

Yet, the most attention-grabbing stipulation of all is that neither party is allowed to end the relationship until September 1st of the following year.

In a world where relationships can be unpredictable, this clause introduces a unique dimension of commitment.

The response to their playful approach was a mix of amusement and disbelief.

Some commenters labelled the contract as ‘psychotic behaviour’ and ‘insane’, while others found the concept intriguing and relatable.

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Many expressed their desire for a similar contract in their own relationships.

Capitalising on the unexpected demand, Devon has even launched her own online store, offering an editable Word document version of the contract for $5.99 and a digital PDF form for $0.99.

For those truly embracing the ‘LDA spirit’, there are even ‘Don’t talk to me, I signed an LDA’ trucker hats available for $24.99, allowing individuals to proudly showcase their unique commitment.

While this unconventional approach might not be for everyone, it’s a testament to the creative and innovative ways people find to navigate the complexities of love and distance.

In a world filled with traditional relationship norms, the story of Devon and Geren serves as a lighthearted reminder that love can take on countless forms, and each relationship is as unique as the individuals in it.

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