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Mum Says She ‘Didn’t Do Anything Wrong’ After Video Of Her Enthusiastically Hugging Son Raises Eyebrows

A mum has said that she 'didn't do anything wrong' after a viral video of her enthusiastically hugging her son raised some eyebrows online.
Credit: @ambslund/Instagram

A mum has said that she ‘didn’t do anything wrong’ after a viral video of her enthusiastically hugging her son has raised some eyebrows online.

We’ve all been there when we’ve done something our parents are proud of – whether it be performing well at a sporting event or receiving good grades at school – and they can’t contain their excitement.

They might let out a scream of joy, shake your hand or give you a big hug.

But footage of one parent letting out some enthusiasm after her son’s football match has split opinion online – and she has now responded.

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Amber Wright was like any other proud parent when she took to Instagram to share an interaction she had with her 16-year-old son Brixton after his football game in Utah.

She captioned the post: “When I walked up to hug my baby boy after his game, he immediately picked me up and just held me… in this moment, time stood completely still.”

Obviously delighted with the outcome, the video shows the mother and son embracing – he is picking her up and she has wrapped her arms and legs around him.

This is what people have a problem with.


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Taking to the comments of the post, one person writes: “It would’ve been cute if it was his girlfriend, but not a mother.”

“That guy’s future wife doesn’t stand a chance,” adds someone else.

A third says: “Nothing wrong with the hug but the feet should’ve never left the ground mama.”

However, others have come to the defence of Wright – with one saying: “We single mamas and our sons have a bond others can’t understand.”

Another user pens: “Beautiful moment with your son, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

Someone else adds: “[I] thought it was super tender. She is proud of her baby boy.”

“That’s a proud mama. Great job raising a good, loving son,” comments another.

Amber Wright and Brixton
Amber Wright has faced backlash for the way she hugged her son after a football match. Credit: @ambslund/Instagram

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Wright answered back to those who criticised her, saying that she ‘did nothing wrong’.

“If you’re one of the people that happens to see something immoral or sexual or wrong with it then I’m just going to say that’s on you,” she says.

“I didn’t do anything wrong.

“We live in a society where we’re trying to teach our kids not to bully and we’re preaching that we all should love one another […] it just seems very hypocritical.”

She also told her viewers that she will not change the way she is with her son.

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Speaking to Today, Wright has addressed and defended her actions, saying: “I was so proud. I was a proud mom hugging her kid.

“I never expected it to turn into something where people are like, ‘You’re s**ually abusing him! You’re grooming him! I’m calling child protective services.”

The single mum explains that she comes from an affectionate family who have always hugged each other.

Wright also clarifies his son might have held onto her a ‘little longer’ than usual after the game because it was the first time he was wearing a jersey with his late dad’s death date, April 4.

“He was feeling emotional, and I think as his mom, I’m his safe space,” she comments.

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