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TikToker Says She Wants To ‘Sue’ Her Parents For Having Her Without Her Permission

A TikToker says she wants to 'sue' her parents for having her without her permission. 
Credit: @isatandstared/TikTok

A woman says she wants to ‘sue’ her parents for having her without her permission. 

Kass Theaz is a TikToker who has a staggering 142,000 followers.

She’s gone viral on the platform after uploading a video of herself saying she wants to ‘sue’ her parents after they had her without her consent.

Her followers were left pretty confused when she then stated she has kids of her own.

In a clip, that has been viewed 2.5 million times, Theaz tells viewers that she had kids the ‘ethical way’ — by adopting them.

While sitting in a car with a straight face, the content creator says: “I mentioned in my last video that I went clothes shopping for my children, and a lot of people are shocked to hear that I have children considering I sued my parents for having me without my permission.”

Theaz then says that she wants to ‘clarify some things’.

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She continues: “So my parents that I sued. They contributed to, you know, conceiving me, and my mother that raised me, she gave birth to me.

“And that’s why I sued them, because I did not consent to being here, like, I was unaware that I was going to have to grow up and get a job to support myself.

“And I just didn’t consent to that. They didn’t try to contact me in any way before I was born to see if I actually wanted to be here, and that’s why I sued them.”

Kass Theaz
The TikToker says she wants to ‘sue’ her parents for having her without her permission. Credit: @isatandstared/TikTok

“Otherwise, they will sue you because I’m making that my life mission to teach children to sue their parents, so they don’t have to work.”

As to how she had kids of her own, the TikToker went on to say that adopting kids is ‘different’ than giving birth to them.

She explains: “It’s different when you adopt because it’s not my fault that they’re here.

“I’m just trying to be a good person and help them out. You know what I mean?”

@isatandstared Replying to @JCNCLP ♬ original sound – Kass Theaz

Viewers have taken to the comments and they said they can’t decide if she’s joking or being serious.

One person asks: “Is she being sarcastic?”

Someone else adds: “This HAS TO BE SATIRE?!?”

“Girl how you kept a straight face I will never know,” a third viewer mentions.

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Another person comments: “This a joke right? Please tell me it’s a joke.”

“Wow this is shocking, I thought it was a joke. Her thinking makes me wonder,” pens someone else.

A sixth viewer adds: “Excellent satire but completely possible in present-day America”

Fortunately for her parents, the TikToker revealed to the New York Post that her social media post was indeed a joke.

She explained to the outlet: “I thought it was obvious that I was joking.

“I do find it humorous, though. People get worked up over anything. It shows how little people research before reacting.”

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