Naked Attraction’s Anna Richardson Left Gobsmacked By Bloke’s Manhood

Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson was left gobsmacked on Thursday's episode, as she couldn't believe the size of a guy's manhood. 
Credit: Channel 4

Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson was left gobsmacked on Thursday’s episode, as she couldn’t believe the size of a bloke’s manhood. 

The TV presenter was hosting the popular Channel 4 dating show when 36-year-old Rara, from Herefordshire, came on in order to find herself a match.

Overwhelmed with her decision, the woman remarked on one man’s ‘third leg’ and said: “I think that’s too big. I’m very small down there.”

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Equally shocked by its size, Richardson asked cab driver Ozzy, from London, whether it was ‘real’, as it was one of the ‘biggest’ she”d seen on the show.

She went on to ask him if it was a ‘grower’, to which he gave a thumbs up to confirm.

Rara continued to insist that she wouldn’t be able to handle Ozzy’s ‘third leg’ and commented: “It’s that p**is – it’s huge.”

Later on, Ozzy said that he wasn’t surprised by the reaction to his manhood, as he’d had it a few times before over the years.

It appears as though viewers were as equally wowed by the episode, as many took to Twitter to say so – and their comments were pretty hilarious.

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One tweeted: “Honestly last night was the world’s biggest c*** on #NakedAttraction.”

Another added: “I happily enjoyed Grand Designs on demand last night, switched it off and normal TV came on and I was immediately met with a horse appearing on Naked Attraction!”

Flicking through the channels last night I stumbled upon Naked Attraction. You could have someone’s eye out with that! #MrBlue,” a third remarked. 

A fourth wrote: “I knew why #NakedAttraction was trending before I even clicked on it.”

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