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Woman Blasts ‘Tipping Culture’ After Being Asked To Tip For A $17 Smoothie

A woman is blasting 'tipping culture' after being asked to tip on top of a $17 smoothie.
Credit: @luckyangie/TikTok

A woman is blasting ‘tipping culture’ after being asked to tip on top of a $17 smoothie. 

Although it’s not mandatory to tip in the US, it is often expected from diners, according to Travel Insider.

Typically, a customer is expected to tip between 15 and 20 per cent of the total cost.

However, amid the cost of living crisis, many people have taken to social media and shared their resentment over the current system – including one woman who was charged a pricy $17 for a smoothie.

Watch this pregnant waitress tear up over a $1,300 tip in the clip below…

TikToker Angie, who goes by the username @luckyangie, is going viral after sharing a video of herself enjoying a smoothie.

In the video, text on the screen reads: “Just paid $17 for a smoothie and an extra $1.35 for a Stevia packet and they had the audacity to ask me if I wanted to tip.

“Um ma’am I’m all cleaned out today.”

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The post is captioned: “Tipping culture needs to be chill.”

Angie’s clip has been viewed a whopping 632,000 times and many people have taken to the comments to share their thoughts.

Many people are saying that if Angie can afford such an expensive smoothie, she should be able to tip something on top.

One viewer writes: “I don’t think tipping needs to chill out, I think a smoothie being $17 is the outrageous thing here.”


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Another adds: “You paid $17 for a drink, you might as well.”

In agreement, a third person comments: “If you got the $17 you can throw an extra $2.”

While somebody else says: “You paid $17 on a smoothie!? Who’s fault is that? Next time go to McDonald’s!!!”

“If you have 18 dollars for a smoothie you have money to tip, don’t be stingy,” a fifth person remarks.

Angie drinks $17 smoothie.
The woman is blasting ‘tipping culture’ after being asked to tip on top of a $17 smoothie. Credit: @luckyangie/TikTok

However, others have taken to the comments and said they agree with Angie.

“At the end of the day… you are doing the company a favour by buying something from their location. That’s a tip… you don’t always gotta tip extra,” one person responds.

A second person comments: “Unless you’re a waiter or waitress I’m not tipping unless you’re friendly or do a great job! It’s ridiculous how pressured we are!”

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Somebody else says: “American tipping culture is something else lol, people became angry if you don’t do something that is not mandatory.”

“I usually tip at Starbucks, but if the drink is over $7, I won’t,” another TikToker writes.

To which Angie responds: “If I have to go order and pick up my own food at a window, I am not tipping you.”

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