Pamela Anderson Shares New Photos Of Her Bare Face After Sharing Powerful Reason For Ditching Makeup

Pamela Anderson has ditched the makeup in favour of a barefaced look - and has shared the powerful reason why.
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Pamela Anderson has ditched the makeup in favour of a barefaced look – and has shared the powerful reason why.

When you think of the most iconic makeup looks of the past fifty years, Anderson’s has to be up there.

The Baywatch star’s super skinny brows, heavy smoky eyes, and glossy nude lips are instantly recognisable to this day.

But recently, Anderson has been sporting a brand new beauty look instead.

The Barb Wire actress ditched the heavy makeup and sported a bare face on the red carpet and social media, leaving the internet shocked.

But now, she’s revealed the powerful reason for her new look.

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Recently, Anderson took to Instagram to show off her groundbreaking new look.

The model shared a set of photos showing off two separate looks from the Proenza Schouler Spring 2024 collection.

One featured a shiny black coat with a cinched waist, while the other consisted of an all-white oversized suit ensemble.

But it wasn’t just the fashion-forward outfits that attracted the attention of the internet.


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Anderson appeared to go totally barefaced during the shoot, giving the photos an indisputably high-fashion appearance.

People were loving her new look, with one commenting: “Single-handedly disposing of the makeup trends weighing every woman down!”

Another agreed: “Pam becoming the bare-faced icon is 100% exactly what the world needs. I love this so much.”

A third added: “I live for you doing photoshoots bare-faced!! You are so beautiful, always have been inside and out.”

While a fourth pronounced the look as ‘so high fashion and slay’.

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Anderson has been making a fair few appearances without makeup recently, and she’s also shared the heartbreaking reason behind her choice.

The Pamela, A Love Story star tells People: “I’m makeup-free at home, so why not for Paris Fashion Week?

“I really didn’t know anyone would notice it, but I’m glad it became a positive message.”

Anderson also spoke out about her philosophy on the ageing process, saying: “I call it life-ing, not ageing.

“Chasing youth is futile. All we can do is embrace who we are at the moment we are in, and be okay with where our feet stand right now.”

Anderson also revealed the heartwrenching reason she made the decision to go au naturel.

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson no longer wears makeup following the passing of her beloved makeup artist, Alexis Vogel. Credit: Alamy

She claims she hasn’t wanted to wear makeup since her makeup artist and friend Alexis Vogel lost her battle with breast cancer in 2019.

“She was the best,” Anderson tells Elle.

“And since then, I just felt, without Alexis, it’s just better for me not to wear makeup.”

The Raw Justice actress pronounces her new makeup style as ‘freeing, and fun, and a little rebellious too. Because I did notice that there were all these people doing big makeup looks, and it’s just like me to go against the grain and do the opposite what everyone’s doing’.

She adds: “I think we all start looking a little funny when we get older. And I’m kind of laughing at myself when I look at the mirror. I go, ‘Wow, this is really… what’s happening to me?’. It’s a journey. I feel rooted for. I feel good. I’m in a good place.”

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