Parents Of Man Who Dated Woman ‘Trapped In Child’s Body’ Defend Son After He’s Branded A ‘Creep’

Parents of a man who has gone on a date with a woman 'trapped in a child's body' have defended their son after he's been branded a 'creep'.
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The parents of a man who dated a woman ‘trapped in a child’s body’ have spoken out in his defence after he was branded a ‘creep’.

Shauna Rae – who is 3ft 10in tall – is the star of the hit TLC series I Am Shauna Rae, which documents her life and the challenges of being an adult who looks like a child.

In new episodes, Rae introduces viewers to her new love interest and although she seems happy, her fans aren’t as keen on the potential romance.

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As a child, Rae – who weighs just 50 pounds – was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Following her diagnosis, she suffered pituitary gland damage, which resulted in pituitary dwarfism.

The 23-year-old now resembles an eight-year-old girl, which she says has led to some ‘creeps’ wanting to date her.

Although she’s previously had negative experiences when it comes to dating, Rae’s show has documented her friendship with Dan Swygart, 26, and he appears to stand out from the other guys.

On I Am Shauna Rae, it’s explained that the pair started chatting when Swygart – who is from Wales – slid into her DMs and sent her flowers.

Shauna Rae
Shauna Rae’s new love interest is facing a backlash. Credit: @thereal_shaunarae99/Instagram

Following his initial advances, he has been spending time with Rae and her family.

Discussing their friendship, Rae says: “I haven’t actually really thought about if Dan and I were in a relationship and how that would look.

“I assume that we would probably try long-distance, but I’ve been in a long-distance relationship and it’s not my cup of tea.

“So, either he would have to find a settle-down place or I would have to start travelling with him.”

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Since the friendship became public, Swygart has faced a ton of backlash on social media, leading him to speak out.

In an Instagram video, Swygart reveals that there have been some ‘absolutely disgusting’ comments about Rae and him.

He says: “As soon as you say that she can’t have a real-world connection with someone else, you dehumanise her, which is absolutely disgusting.

“She is a human being. She deserves to have relationships and connections with whoever she wants.

Shauna Rae and Dan.
Dan’s parents have defended his friendship with TLC star Shauna Rae. Credit: @thereal_shaunarae99/Instagram

“And I think some people aren’t emotionally mature enough to understand that you can have a deep connection based on personality rather than just on looks.”

Rae’s mum, Patricia Schrankel, left a comment on the video, saying: “Well said Dan. I appreciate your coming into our lives.”

Now, Swygart’s parents have also defended their son.

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His mother, Helen, tells MailOnline: “Daniel rang me and told me the story has gone everywhere.

“They are just friends. There is no relationship. They are just friends”

While his father, Steven, adds that it’s ‘extremely unlikely’ that his son and Rae will enter a romantic relationship.

“He has appeared in their show and that’s the extent of it,” he says.

“That’s it, it’s as simple as that. He looks at her and thinks she is a tremendous person despite her disability, she’s only small.”


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Although Swygart’s parents have shaken off any ideas of a relationship happening between the two, many of Rae’s fans have taken to social media and shared their support if anything was to happen.

One person writes: “So happy for you and Shauna’s friendship too, it feels special and looks like you get real AND have fun together.

“That’s a simple recipe for an awesome and true friendship.”

Another adds: “Shauna is an adult and certainly able to make her own decisions on what she does or does not do.

“I hope the two of you do remain good friends and if anything comes in the future good luck to you both.”

While a third says: “You both have the right to live your lives however you choose! We all deserve happiness.”

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