Parents Let Toddler Jump Up And Down On Tray Table During ‘Eight-Hour Flight’

Parents with their toddler during a flight have been slammed after letting the infant jump up and down on a tray table.
Credit: r/publicfreakout via Reddit

Parents have been slammed for allowing their child to ‘run riot’ on an eight-hour flight.

We’ve all been there, sitting on a plane trying to read a book or watch a film while someone’s little rascal boots the back of your seat like it’s an MMA opponent.

Couple that with the general discomfort of flying anywhere and knowing you’re going to have to put up with it for what seems like forever – tempers can often be lost. 

On the flip side, controlling a tired and teasy youngster on a flight can be an extremely stressful and sometimes impossible task – regardless of how many treats you try to bribe them with.

Watch as a woman slams parents who let their kid ‘climb over’ her after she refused to swap seats on a flight…

In a Reddit post, one traveller documented the infuriating moment a toddler was allowed to run amok on a long-haul flight.

The clip was posted under the title ‘letting children run wild during an 8-hour flight’ and showed a toddler enthusiastically jumping up and down on a tray table.

The man sitting in the chair in front appeared to be trying to ignore the child’s behaviour, despite his chair wobbling furiously as a result.

Reddit users were left perplexed and angered by the video, saying they’d be mortified if they were the kid’s parents.

One person wrote: “I would feel like a failed parent if my kids were doing this and I was just straight up allowing it.”

Another said: “My parents would have thrown me off the plane mid-flight.”

“The bouncing is obviously infuriating but also the bare feet on the tray table,” added a third. “Always wipe down your stations, folks.”

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Another commenter said: “I would never allow one of my kids to disrupt someone this way.

“Talking a little loud is one thing. Having your toddler jump on plane seats while holding onto another person’s (stranger’s) chair is completely wrong.

“I hope that man was reimbursed in some way. The parents probably saw nothing wrong with this. Unacceptable.”

Toddler on eight-hour flight.
The parents have been slammed for allowing their child to ‘run riot’ on the eight-hour flight. Credit: r/publicfreakout via Reddit

One person took aim at the flight attendants for not stopping the child’s behaviour.

“Shouldn’t the flight attendants have intervened?” they asked. “If so, I hope that passenger got some compensation from the airline.”

Others praised the passenger affected by the incident for remaining calm.

“How that man remained calm is anyone’s guess,” said one.

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Another wrote: “Why is that guy just letting it happen? I would’ve said something.”

While a third added: “That guy is really patient. Some guys really need to control their children.”

However, some claimed they’d have employed a different tactic in order to diffuse the situation.

One person said: “I’d ask the parents to stop her. Then I’d recline and un-recline the seat vigorously.

“Kids are resilient. She’d be OK after the fall.”

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