Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Says Her Sexuality Is ‘Not Really Accepted’ By ‘Religious’ Family

Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris Jackson, says her sexuality is 'not really accepted' by her 'religious' family.
Credit: Red Table Talk via Facebook

Paris Jackson says her sexuality is ‘not really accepted’ by her ‘religious’ family.

Jackson, 25, is one of three of Michael Jackson’s kids – before the King of Pop died aged 50 in 2009.

Over the years, Jackson has developed a career as a model, actress and singer – having released her debut album ‘Wilted’ in 2020.

Occasionally, the ‘Let Down’ artist has opened up about her personal life and during an appearance on the Smith family’s Red Table Talk – she even opened up about sexuality.

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Sat alongside her best friend, Willow Smith, Jackson opened up about her relationship with her ‘very religious’ family and how she navigates conversations about her sexuality.

Previously, she has expressed her attraction to both men and women – but doesn’t label herself as bisexual.

Jackson acknowledged that discussing her sexuality with her family, given their religious beliefs, can be challenging.

This is because homosexuality is often considered taboo within their culture.

Jackson shared that while she is ‘very close’ to her two brothers and sees extended family at reunions, her family’s religious background has made it difficult for her to openly discuss her sexuality with them.

She said: “But I’ve gotten to a point where I respect them and I have love for them, I respect their beliefs, I respect their religion.

Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson has opened up about her family’s thoughts on her sexuality on the Smiths’ Red Table Talk. Credit: @parisjackson/Instagram

“To expect them to put aside their culture and their religions… expectations to me lead to resentments and what people think about me isn’t my business.”

Jackson emphasised that expectations can lead to resentment and that what others think of her is not her primary concern.

The singer highlighted that her brothers have been supportive, with her brother Prince even having joined an LGBT society at his school.

When asked about being confident in expressing her sexuality around conservative family members, Jackson reiterated her commitment to living a life of love.

She said: “Some of my family I talk to about it openly, some of my family I don’t.

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“I’ve reached a point right now where I have love and respect for my family, their beliefs, their culture, their religion and if I’m to expect them to set that aside just so I can feel accepted, expectations lead to resentments for me.

“So I try and take the approach that what other people think of me is none of my business and as long as I’m living a life of love and being of service and honesty and I’m not hurting other people, I think I’ll be alright.”

Regarding her past relationship with former bandmate Gabriel Glenn, which ended in August 2020, Jackson described it as the deepest heartbreak she had ever experienced.

However, she also saw it as a powerful moment of rebirth.

It led her to find her voice, embrace her identity as a musician, and overcoming her fears about pursuing a musical career.

Jackson expressed her newfound confidence, stating: “Finally, I’m just like, this is who I am, I’m a musician.”

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