Pedro Pascal’s Salary For The Last Of Us Is ‘750% Higher’ Than Co-Lead Bella Ramsay’s

Pedro Pascal's salary for The Last Of Us is '750 per cent higher' than co-lead Bella Ramsey's.
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Pedro Pascal’s salary for The Last Of Us is reportedly ‘750 per cent higher’ than co-lead Bella Ramsey’s.

The HBO adaptation of the much-adored video game is one of the biggest TV shows of the year – earning a 96 per cent score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Viewing figures are believed to have peaked at 8.2 million views and fans fell in love with Pascal and Ramsey’s portrayal of Joel and Ellie.

However, details about how much the two leads earned for the show has been revealed and it has certainly divided opinions.

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The story followers Joel as he begrudgingly smuggles Ellie across a post-apocalyptic America in the hope that she can be the source of a cure.

HBO reportedly splashed out $10 million to $15 million per episode, according to CTV News – making it one of the most expensive programmes of all time.

The money behind the show means that its stars received a very nice pay cheque too.

According to Showbiz Galore, Pascal was allegedly paid $600,000 per episode, which was also reported by Variety in 2021.

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Showbiz Galore also reports that Ramsey earnt an alleged $70,000 per episode.

Although they both certainly had a nice payday, fans have noticed that Ramsey earnt significantly less than her co-star, despite being featured regularly in the show’s marketing.

Some have argued that this isn’t a huge issue due to The Mandalorian star being one of the most popular actors working at the moment.

One person on social media writes: “Well that’s what happens when one actor has 30 years of experience and some major roles.”

Someone else explains: “It’s cause he got offered the role whereas she auditioned for the role.

“She will soon be getting offered big roles too.”

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us.
Pedro Pascal’s salary for The Last Of Us is reportedly ‘750 per cent higher’ than co-lead Bella Ramsey’s. Credit: HBO

A third user adds: “I do think she should be paid a lot more next season but to be fair he is a veteran actor who has a lot more experience and she is just getting her breakthrough.”

However, others are insisting that the gap is too big.

Someone argues: “Honestly surprising pay gap, of course, Bella Ramsey isn’t as well established as Pedro Pascal is but 70k?

“She definitely should have had a 6 figure salary, 70k is quite low for being the second protagonist.”

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Another person explains: “Pay people the same money for the same work?

“To everyone arguing Pedro is more established, would you want your coworker who has worked at the company 30 years longer but does the same work as you to be paid more?

“No? That‘s what we call gender pay gap.”

A third user comments: “She LITERALLY has the same amount of screentime as him, if not more, and had just as many lines to remember.

“if she was only there for a few episodes sure, but she was in every single one and did just as much work as he did. She deserves more.”

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