Pedro Pascal Fans Are Wondering How His Starbucks Order Doesn’t Kill Him As He Shares What He Gets

Pedro Pascal fans are wondering how his Starbucks order doesn't kill him as he shares what he orders. 
Credit: @parcalispunk/Instagram & @alexafromspace/TikTok

Pedro Pascal fans are wondering how his Starbucks order doesn’t kill him as he shares what he orders. 

The 47-year-old actor is arguably one of the biggest stars in the world, due to his standout roles in TV programmes such as The Last of Us and The Mandalorian.

His immense popularity has even seen him garner the title of the ‘internet’s daddy’ – a term given to a celebrity who has become universally adored across the internet.

Due to this, everything Pascal does is scrutinised by his legions of fans who swoon over him.

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Some have even discovered his Starbucks order and are amazed that he isn’t dead from it.

The Narcos star was spotted leaving the coffee chain when he stopped to sign some autographs.

This moment went viral on TikTok, although, it was not because he interacted with fans.

But rather, viewers could spot his receipt which shows his order.

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Fans noticed that Pascal ordered an iced quad espresso with extra ice and six shots of espresso.

A quad espresso already has four shots in it but it is likely that the Game of Thrones actor asked for an additional two shots in the drink, totalling up to six shots.

However, the actor has not confirmed that this is indeed his regular drink order.

A single shot of espresso contains roughly 63mg of caffeine, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

This means that Pascal’s drink contains around 384mg of caffeine in total.

Pedro Pascal's Starbucks order.
Pedro Pascal’s Starbucks order has gone viral after fans noticed he ordered an Ice Quad Espresso with an extra two shots of caffeine. Credit: @alexafromspace/TikTok

The NHS recommend that you should consume about 400mg a day – which is about four cups of coffee – but this is just one order and we don’t know how many or how often Pascal drinks them.

The video has been viewed 7.1 million times and the caption reads: “Daddy needs his coffee every morning to carry the entire world and a fandom over his shoulders.”

Fans of the actor have taken to the comments to discuss his order.

One person says: “This man probably drinks Cuban coffee like it’s nothing too.”

Another asks: “So if I survive drinking this do I become Pedro Pascal?”

“That is a violent amount of coffee,” comments a third.

Someone else shares their concern, writing: “Is his HEART OK!?”


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With Pascal’s order is making waves online, fans have been trying it out to see if it’s worth it.

Alexa, who uploaded the original video, shared her attempt at trying it – which she admits to really liking.

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While another TikToker has also tried it and had a different opinion, as she claims it ‘was like napalm for my bowels’ and she ‘may not sleep for days’.

Medical experts have also had a say, with Dr Ellie Cannon explaining to Metro that drinking that amount of caffeine on a regular basis will put you at a higher risk of ‘heart disease and strokes’.

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