Netflix Viewers Say They Can’t Sleep After Watching ‘Scariest Ever’ Thriller

Unlocked Netflix: Viewers are claiming that they can't sleep after watching the South Korean thriller.
Credit: Netflix

Netflix viewers are claiming that they can’t sleep after watching the ‘scariest ever’ thriller.

The streaming service has a reputation for having some of the best under-the-radar horrors available.

Films such as His House and The Strays have left a lasting impact on viewers.

Now there is a new film that is being discovered and people are dubbing it as the ‘scariest’ movie they have seen.

Watch the trailer for the thriller below…

Unlocked is a South Korean thriller directed by Kim Tae-joon and it follows office worker Lee Na-Mi (Chun Woo-Hee) who loses her phone on a bus, with Oh Jun-Yeong (Im Si-Wan) picking it up.

Jun-Yeong then tells her to pick her phone up from a repair shop, assuming he has fixed her broken screen.

However, he installs spyware on the device to track her every move, texts and conversations.

This leads to Na-Mi’s life being torn apart and things start to take a dark turn.

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The movie dropped in February 2023 and boasts an impressive 88 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

It reached number one on the Netflix Non-English Films charts and now viewers are now reacting to the thriller.

One person shares: “Watching Unlocked on Netflix and if you lose your phone just wipe the data, call the phone company and hold a funeral.

“If anyone returns your phone, just dowse the s*** in bleach and get a new phone!! Not worth the hassle [of] dealing with a psycho!!”

Unlocked (2023)
The thriller film Unlocked is being dubbed by viewers as the scariest film they have ever watched. Credit: Netflix

Another person adds: “Unlocked – really unnerving and close calls each time they got the killer.”

While a third pens: “Just watched Unlocked on Netflix, not horror in the true sense of the word but chilling enough.

“I’m too scared to turn off the lights or look at my phone.”

Someone else comments: “Unlocked on Netflix is one of the scariest films I’ve seen in a long while. I want to throw my phone into the sea.”

“I’m watching Unlocked on Netflix right now and this is genuinely scary,” agrees a fifth viewer.

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If you are looking for something else to watch on Netflix that won’t make you want to throw your phone away, a series has just dropped that has viewers hailing it as the best show.

Beef is a comedy-drama series starring Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) and Ali Wong (Always Be My Maybe) as two strangers who get into a road rage incident that, unknowingly to them, brings chaos into their lives.

It has received an unbelievable score of 99% on the film site Rotten Tomatoes and has earnt rave reviews.

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