People Are Making Vimto Cocktails During Lockdown And They Look Absolutely Delicious!

People are making Vimto cocktails during the coronavirus lockdown and they look absolutely delicious. Thankfully, if you want to make your own it only requires a few ingredients, so you can sit back in style in your back garden whilst sipping on a mouthwatering cocktail. 

A woman took to the popular Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains to share her Vimto cocktails that she had made using a few simple ingredients. Since uploading the post, it’s racked up thousands of likes and comments from those impressed by her boozy concoction.

To make your own Vimto cocktail, she explained that all you will need is Smirnoff, WKD Dark Fruits and a bottle of Cherryade. To garnish the cocktail, she added some Vimto Fizzy Pencils and strawberry laces – this could easily be substituted for a fruity sweet you enjoy.

The reaction to the woman’s Vimto cocktails has been overwhelming. One person commented: “Need to get the ingredients in for the weekend!”

Whilst another gushed: “Wow that looks lush!”

Someone else simply said: “Gamechanger.”

It has been recommended that if you prefer the “slushy” flavour and texture, that add you ice cubes and put all the ingredients in a blender.

You may have noticed that the actual list of ingredients doesn’t actually include a bottle of Vimto, but it has been stated by many who have tried the creation that when all the ingredients are combined together, it tastes pretty much like the childhood favourite.

Credit: Facebook

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