Robert Irwin Announces Break Up With Famous Girlfriend And Everyone’s Saying The Same Thing

Robert Irwin has broken up with Rorie Buckey and his fans are now saying the same thing.
Credit: Alamy & @robertirwinphotography/Instagram

Everyone is saying the same thing after Robert Irwin took to social media and announced he’d broken up with his famous girlfriend

Irwin, 20, revealed his shock split from his long-term girlfriend this week.

The relationship has always been rife with speculation, with some even pointing out that Irwin’s girlfriend looked eerily reminiscent of his sister.

But now, fans are all saying the same thing about the couple’s breakup announcement…

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Since Steve Irwin’s tragic passing in 2006, fans have been fascinated by his son Robert.

And his dating life is no exception.

Until recently, Robert has been in a relationship with a fellow Aussie celebrity.

Rorie Buckey is the daughter of the late Dark Knight actor Heath Ledger’s sister, Kate – who owns a design and media production company.

That’s right – Steve Irwin’s son was dating Heath Ledger’s niece!

“It’s hard to imagine a pair of Aussie kids who share a more similar story than Matilda and Robert,” a source told Woman’s Day during the couple’s relationship.

They added: “It really is a twist of fate that they ended up sharing such a strong link through Rorie.

“Getting to know Matilda who’s in a similar boat not remembering her dad because she was so young, would be so cathartic for him.”

But this week, the pair have announced that their relationship has sadly come to an end…

Robert Irwin and Rorie Buckey.
Robert Irwin and Rorie Buckey have broken up. Credit: @roriebuckey/Instagram

“We wanted to share that we have decided to go our separate ways but profoundly appreciate all of the time spent together and wish one another all the very best into the future,” the post shared on the couples’ Instagram stories reads.

“We wish to express the gratitude and respect we have for one another as we continue our journey on different paths.”

Following the breakup, fans have had a lot to say about the split…

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, one fan writes: “I’m not sure how I’m gonna recover from this.”

A second adds: “Ohh my… I am so so sorry… hope you are both OK?”

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However, others have admitted that they’re actually excited by the news.

“Robert Irwin is single again, I am on my way to Australia,” one jokes.

Another adds: “ROBERT IRWIN IS SINGLE????????”

“Robert Irwin is single, now is my time,” a third comments.

Someone else laughs: “Robert Irwin is single everyone MOVEEEEE.”

Other fans have been left heartbroken by the news, especially because it all seems so final.

The pair have both removed a plethora of images of each other from their social media, seemingly ensuring the other has vanished without a trace.

And what’s even sadder?

Buckey has also removed ‘wildlife warrior’ from her bio, changed her profile from public to private and disabled the ability for others to comment on her pictures.


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