Woman Pours Water Over Neighbour’s Son After He Did The Same To Her Cat

Shannon Cooper has gone viral after sharing the unusual punishment she inflicted on a neighbour's son for pouring water on her pet cat.
Credit: @shannoncooperox/X

A woman has gone viral after sharing an unusual punishment she inflicted on a neighbour’s son for what he did to her pet cat.

Shannon Cooper has sparked a huge debate on social media after sharing that when her neighbour’s child poured water on her cat, she responded by pouring water on him.

She’s taken to X (formerly known as Twitter) and explained the situation – and now people are rushing to the comments and sharing their thoughts…

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One person writes: “It’s very childish how you handled it you should have told the parents first so that they could punish their own kid.

“Like no that wouldn’t hurt a kid but at the same time as a parent myself I’d LIKE TO HANDLE MY KID because no it’s not right the kid did that but it’s also not yours.”

Another adds: “People defending this clearly haven’t surrounded themselves by children and don’t understand the development they are still going through.

“The child is still growing and understanding consequences. How could a FULLY DEVELOPED adult act like a 10-year-old who is still learning?”

Shannon Cooper
Many people are defending Shannon Cooper’s response. Credit: @shannoncooperox/X

However, others are on Cooper’s side, with one person penning: “Someone messes with my cat, they will be dealing with me.”

“Just goes to show you that if you don’t teach your kids respect, somebody else will!” someone else comments.

While one mum shares: “I have 11-year-old twin boys. If they did that and you chose to throw water on them. I am good with that. It’s water, they will survive. A 10 yr old knows better!”

Sharing their own story, one commentator says: “I had neighbours kick my ass when I was little. Water… I wish. Parents have grown a little soft to [the] principal.

“Sounds almost like you continued the game. All fair in my book. Actually, a good lesson for the kid. Actions have consequences. Some more severe than others.”

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It all started when Shannon took to X to share her side of the story.

She wrote: “My 10-year-old neighbour just threw a cup of water over my cat who was sitting on the fence minding his own business and laughed so I threw a basin of water over him from the window and now his dad is at my door going mental but I don’t see the problem, don’t touch my cat.”

Shannon Cooper's cat tweet.
Shannon Cooper has gone viral after sharing the unusual punishment she inflicted on a neighbour’s son for pouring water on her pet cat. Credit: @shannoncooperox/X

After her initial post sparked a debate, Cooper explained herself further and defended her actions – stating that she and the neighbours are friends.

“People are so mad over this,” she shared. “The kid and his dad were laughing about it today, we are friends (also might I add the dad never knew what his son [had] done which is why he was mad, to begin with), also the kid is 13 he really looks 10.”

She also posted an image of the cat, who looked like he had survived the shocking incident unscathed.

Shannon Cooper's cat.
Shannon Cooper’s cat fortunately appears unscathed from the incident. Credit: @shannoncooperox/X

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