Sofia Vergara Fans Left Red-Faced After Spotting Rude Detail In Star’s House Tour

Sofia Vergara fans were left red-faced after spotting a rather rude detail in the star's Architectural Digest home tour.
Credit: Alamy & Architectural Digest via YouTube

Fans have been shocked by a saucy detail in Sofia Vergara’s Architectural Digest home tour.

Since she first hit the big time as Gloria in the TV hit Modern Family, Vergara has become a household name.

In fact, her latest Netflix role has some tipping her from major awards!

But this week, it’s not Vergara’s career that’s grabbed all the headlines.

Instead, it’s the content of her home…

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For the March issue of Architectural Digest, Vergara invited the interiors magazine into her Los Angeles home.

These house tours have become legendary over the years.

Who could forget Dakota Johnson’s piles of limes, or the fact Lily Allen sleeps in a closet?

But the latest issue is all about Vergara’s Los Angeles home – and it did not disappoint.

The home is extremely dramatic looking.

“There were arches on top of arches, all with columns. It felt like a castle in Transylvania,” Vergara confirms to Architectural Digest.

She adds that the home’s stunning layout and the large garden (which had a lot of potential) was what sold her on the space.

Vergara wanted to juxtapose this drama with a cosy feel, aiming for ‘homey and comfortable, a place where people would want to hang out and relax’.

Sofia Vergara's home tour.
Sofia Vergara fans were left shocked by a rude detail in the star’s home tour. Credit: YouTube

Architect Davies-Gaetano adds: “Sofía articulated a clear vision for the project. She wanted a home that felt ethereal yet grounded, something fresh, clean, and bright, with lots of great antiques that added patina and warmth to the architecture.

“It had to feel layered and curated.”

While Vergara says: “It was either, ‘I’m going to hate this house or I’m going to love this house. What am I going to do? I don’t want to move in here because I don’t think things are coming out the way I wanted’.”

People are absolutely loving the house tour, with one commenting: “Proof that an insanely big house can still be homely!”

Another jokes: “Gloria doesn’t need Jay, she got this all by herself!”

A third pens: “I love this woman’s humour. She puts everyone in their place but in a fun way.”

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However, it’s in Vergara’s extensive walk-in closet where things get really interesting.

“This is where I actually really live — in my closet,” Sofia explains in the accompanying video. “This is where I spend most of my time. This is like a girl’s dream.”

Alongside all of the clothing, there were some particular mementos that made the closet more personal to the Griselda star.

“All this stuff on the counter is very special for me,” she shares, showing photos of her friends and family.

But that’s where things got a little naughty.

Next to these sweet and sentimental snaps, Vergara also keeps a nude pic of herself!

“And this picture, it was when I was young and fresh,” she laughs, showing it to the camera.

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