Willow Shields Shares ‘Private’ Photo With Instagram Followers After Being Blackmailed Over It

Willow Shields has shared a 'private' photo with fans after being blackmailed over it.
Credit: Alamy & @willowshields/Instagram

Willow Shield has shared a ‘private’ photo with her Instagram followers after being blackmailed over it.

The 23-year-old is best known for her role as Primrose Everdeen in The Hunger Games trilogy.

She has since appeared in numerous other films and TV shows, including The Wonder and Spinning Out.

Now, Shield has taken to Instagram to post an intimate image with her thousands of followers that ‘was never meant to be shared’.

Willow Shields
Willow Shields has revealed that she was blackmailed. Credit: @willowshields/Instagram

The actress did not post the photo by choice.

Shields reveals that someone had blackmailed her, threatening to share her private photos online.

To take control of the situation, the actress posted the image herself, along with a message explaining her ordeal.

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Shields wrote: “I’m being blackmailed and extorted for nude photos of myself, something private that was never meant to be shared with the whole world.

“I’m taking back the control and sharing it with you first.

“Here’s the photo they emailed and attached threatening to share with my friends, family, and the internet.

“They claim to have many more ‘less tame’ photos to use against me.

“I will not let someone else make choices involving my own body, I will not allow someone to have power over me.”


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Shield says she reported the unnamed person who tried to blackmail her to the FBI and expressed hope that they would take the investigation seriously.

She added: “I also share this because I know how many other people are affected daily by revenge p***, and nude leaks, that are carried out by hackers and criminals in an effort to break down body, and mind, both deeply vulnerable.

“I understand and I’m sorry it exists.

“I will not stand for any s*** shaming, this is my body, and I will share it with whomever I choose.”

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Fans are praising Sheild for being brave enough to share her story and are applauding her approach to owning her power and not allowing anyone to take it from her.

One fan writes: “We stand with you Willow and I am so sorry this is happening to you.”

Another adds: “I’m so so so sorry this is happening to you. I applauded your approach to owning your power and not allowing another to take it from you.

“Have always been a massive fan, and now even more so. Solidarity sis.”

A third comments: “You are absolutely beautiful Willow. You’re doing an incredible thing here, do not let anyone tell you differently.”

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