Squid Game Fans Spot Hidden Meaning Of Murals On Wall

Squid Game fans have spotted a hidden meaning in the murals of the dormitory walls.
Credit: Netflix

Squid Game fans have spotted a hidden meaning in the murals of the dormitory walls.

The hit Netflix series follows hundreds of people taking part in a deadly version of children’s games for a cash prize of ₩45.6 billion ($35 million) in order to escape their financial hardships.

As the series unfolds, fans are spotting more and more Easter eggs and hidden details.

However, there’s been one clue that’s reportedly been in plain sight from episode 1.

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Some eagle-eyed fans have claimed that throughout the entire game, the six challenges the contestants must play are drawn on the wall.

Figures can be seen carrying out the ‘Red Light, Green Light’ game and the honeycomb challenge, amongst others.

It would be easy to miss at first, as at the beginning, the dormitory is taken up with hundreds of beds.

However, as the bunks whittle down along with the contestants, the murals are clearly visible.

Many fans of the show have been left gutted after making the apparent discovery, as they pointed out that if the challengers had also spotted this, they would have been one step ahead of the game.

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Taking to Twitter to discuss it, one tweeted: “As if nobody ever noticed the drawings on the wall when they’re holed up there the whole day.”

“Hidden in plain sight. Whilst they all tried to find out the next game, the walls had the illustrations of the game being held,” added another. “Squid Game is truly genius.”

While a third said: “So you’re telling me 456 people didn’t notice the games were on the wall the whole time?”

“I can’t believe it’s always been there. It was covered with the beds,” someone else commented.

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However, others have taken to the comments and questioned whether the murals were added to the wall after each game, with some arguing that they were added after the challenges.

“I think they were updating these drawings after each game,” one penned.

In agreement, a second said: “I’m pretty sure they put it there after the games to remind them of the trauma and death they caused.”

Another insisted: “It was on the walls after the games.”

Squid Game is now available to stream on Netflix.

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