‘Squid Game’ Fans Spot ‘Hidden Meaning’ Of Murals On Wall

Squid Game
Credit: Netflix

Squid Game fans are convinced they’ve found a ‘hidden meaning’ in the murals of the dormitory walls. 

Eagle-eyed viewers noted that, throughout the entire game, there were drawings of the contestants playing out the six challenges.

The figures are shown carrying out the ‘Red Light, Green Light’ game and the honeycomb challenge amongst others.

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Although they are there the whole time, it’s an easily missed clue as, at the beginning, the dormitory is taken up with hundreds of beds.

However, as the bunks whittle down along with the contestants, the murals become much clearer.

Many fans of the show were left gutted after making the discovery, as they pointed out that if the challengers had also spotted this, they would have been one step ahead of the game.

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Squid Game
Squid Game viewers have just discovered that the six challenges were all being acted out on the dormitory walls the whole time. Credit: Netflix

Taking to Twitter, many fans shared their thoughts on the show’s ‘Easter egg’.

One person tweeted: “As if nobody ever noticed the drawings on the wall when they’re holed up there the whole day.”

Another commented: “Hidden in plain sight. Whilst they all tried to find out the next game, the walls had the illustrations of the game being held. Squid Game is truly genius.”

“So you’re telling me 456 people didn’t notice the games were on the wall the whole time?” a third fumed.

Pitching in, a fourth said: “The biggest moment in Squid Game was realising the games are actually written on the walls.

But this isn’t the only thing that Squid Game fans have been talking about.

Viewers of the survival drama have also gathered theories on how the players were selected for the games.

It’s been argued that when the competitors are initially asked to compete and have to choose a red or blue card, their following action will decide their fate.

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