Horror Movie That Made People Pass Out In Cinema Now Streaming In The US And Canada

Terrifier 2 is known as the scariest movie of all time so how can you watch it in the US? What's the release date? Here are the details...
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Art the Clown has been scaring horror movie lovers all over the world and now it’s time for viewers to watch the film from the safety of their homes in the US and Canada.

Terrifier 2 began making headlines in the Halloween month of October when fans claimed the movie was so scary, people were fainting and throwing up while watching it in cinemas.

Branded as one of the best scary movies of all time, the movie follows the terrifying actions of an evil clown who haunts a sister and brother on the night of Halloween.

The film is a full two and half hours of gore, blood, horrifying scenes, and a sprinkle of humour here and there.

Watch the trailer for Terrifier 2 below…

The film was a massive success in the US, having been made on a budget of $250,000 and grossing $10.1 million at the box office.

Critics also enjoyed the film, with Matt Donato of IGN saying: “Terrifier 2 is the pinnacle in terms of indie slasher kills sequences, which are more than appealing enough to please genre fans.”

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While audiences around the world were able to stream the movie or download it digitally, US and Canadian audiences have had to wait… until now.

So if you’re keen to tune into one of the scariest movies of the year, here’s how you can watch Terrifier 2 in the US and Canada, and exactly what the movie is exactly about:

When is Terrifier 2’s release date?

Terrifier 2 made its world premiere at Fantastic Fest on August 29 in the US, the same date it was screened FrightFest in the UK.

The film then got a limited theatrical release on October 6 in the US. 

However, due to the film becoming a viral sensation, it was extended for a further two weeks.

How to watch Terrifier 2 in the US and Canada?

As previously mentioned, the slasher was given a cinematic release earlier in the year.

But from November 11, fans will be able to watch this from the comfort of their own home as it has been given a digital release.

In the US, it will be available on iTunes, Prime Video, VUDU, Google Play, and Xbox.

Meanwhile, in Canada, viewers can get Terrifier 2 on iTunes, Google Play, and Xbox.

However, if you can’t wait until then, the film is available to stream right now with the horror service, Screambox.

Terrifier 2 scene of Art the Clown.
Art The Clown is back terrifying locals in Terrifier 2, which will be available to stream in US and Canada from November 11. Credit: Bloody Disgusting

Terrifier 2 plot – what’s it all about?

If you’re not familiar with the movie franchise and feel like taking on the scary movie, here’s the plot.

Resurrected by sinister energy, Art the Clown returns to Miles County, where he did his first killing spree in the original movie, to do just that again.

While the killer clown remains hauntingly silent throughout the whole movie, Art chooses his next victims in the form of a teenage girl and her younger brother who he terrorises all Halloween night.

Watch an exclusive clip from Terrifier 2 below…

Art the Clown first appeared in the 2008 short film The 9th Circle, which was written and directed by Damien Leone.

He then made a short film called Terrifier, which featured the clown in 2011, before turning it into a feature-length movie in 2016.

Leone has now helmed the hugely successful Terrifier 2 and has already admitted that a sequel and even possibly a fourth film could be in the works.

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