Terrifier 2: UK Release Date, How To Watch And Storyline Revealed

Terrifier 2 is known as the scariest movie of all time so how can you watch it in the UK? What's the release date?
Credit: Dark Age Cinema

Art the Clown has been horrifying scary movie lovers all over the world and now it’s time for the UK to watch the horror film.

Terrifier 2 began making headlines in the Halloween month of October when fans claimed the movie was so scary, people were fainting and throwing up while watching it in cinemas.

Branded one of the best scary movies of all time, the age-18 movie follows the terrifying actions of Art the Clown who haunts a sister and brother on the night of Halloween.

A full two and half hours of gore, blood and horrifying scenes, UK fans have had to wait their turn to tune into the epic movie after producers and directors decided to stagger the release date across the globe.

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So if you’re keen to tune into one of the scariest movies on the screen, here’s how you can watch Terrifier 2 in the UK and exactly what the movie is about:

Terrifier 2 movie title.
Terrifier 2 has caused global headlines thanks to its horrific scenes. Credit: Dark Age Cinema

When is Terrifier 2’s UK release date?

Terrifier 2 never got an official release date for the UK but now fans of the movie franchise are able to watch it in full.

Skipping cinemas, the movie is now available to rent and stream in the UK.

Watch the trailer for Terrifier 2 below…

In the United States, Terrifier 2 got a limited theatrical release date of October 6, however, due to popular demand that was extended for a further two weeks.

The movie did originally debut in the UK in August at FrightFest where it received even more praise.

How to watch Terrifier 2 in the UK?

As previously mentioned, the horror isn’t available to watch in cinemas but you can officially rent it from Amazon for £4.49. Of course, if you feel you can put yourself through the scary scenes more than once, then you can also buy it for £9.99.

If you’re looking for more of a permanent copy, it is also available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray at HMV.

You can also stream it on iTunes/Apple TV, Sky Store, Virgin Media and the Xbox Store.

Terrifier 2 scene of Art the Clown.
Art the Clown haunts a teenage girl and her brother on Halloween night. Credit: Dark Age Cinema

Terrifier 2 plot – what’s it all about?

If you’re not familiar with the movie franchise and feel like taking on the scary movie then here’s the plot.

Resurrected by sinister energy, Art the Clown returns to Miles County, where he did his first killing spree in the original movie, to do just that again.

Completely silent throughout the whole movie, Art chooses his next victims in the form of a teenage girl and her younger brother who he terrorises all Halloween night.

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