People Saying Netflix’s Best Ever Series Is Underrated Show That Doesn’t Get The Love It Deserves

Dark: Netflix viewers are claiming this is the streaming service's best-ever series and it gets nowhere near the love that it deserves.
Credit: Netflix

Netflix viewers are claiming that the streaming service’s best-ever series is an underrated show that gets nowhere near the love that it deserves.

Any Netflix subscriber will tell you that some of the best content on TV is available on the platform.

From iconic shows such as Breaking Bad and Friends to its original titles such as Stranger Things and Wednesday.

However, some viewers are suggesting that Netflix’s best show is an underappreciated series that doesn’t get the love that some of its other shows get.

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Dark is a German-speaking series developed by Netflix which follows the story of two children who go missing in a small town.

What follows is a series of connections between four estranged families who unravel a sinister time-travel conspiracy that spans several generations.

Dark was created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar – who went on to create the critically acclaimed series 1899.

The show debuted on the streaming service in 2017, with its third and final season airing in 2020.

Dark is a Netflix series that has viewers dubbing it the best show on the streaming service. Credit: Netflix

Dark received extremely positive reviews following its release – with Rotten Tomatoes giving the show a 95% rating.

On top of that, the BBC ranked the series as the 58th greatest TV series of the 21st century and considering just how many shows have been released, that is very high praise.

Viewers have taken to social media to show their love for Dark.

Dark [on] Netflix is one of the best series Netflix has ever produced. Ever,” comments one person.

Someone else adds: “Sorry but Dark is on another level than not just Netflix shows but almost any other show in history.”

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A third writes: “Sorry, but the best Netflix series is Dark. It’s beyond brilliant and mind-boggling.”

“Dark is, simply put, a must-watch!” another viewer explains. “The third season features a satisfying conclusion that could be considered one of the best we have seen from this genre.”

A fifth says: “Dark is the best series in the history of Netflix. Never seen such a consistently fantastic show and it has the best payoff I think I’ve ever seen.”

Since Dark ended in 2020, fans have been clamouring for a fourth season, however, the creators have shut the idea down – much to fans’ displeasure.

The German-speaking series follows two children who go missing. Credit: Netflix

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the creative duo explained that three seasons was ‘the perfect amount’ and any extra seasons would have felt like they were making it more ‘complicated’.

Friese explained: “It was absolutely the perfect amount. Anything else would have felt like stretching it unnecessarily and making it more complicated on a narrative level. We love symbolism and we believe you have to be true to the symbols you lay out.

“The triquetra and things coming in three is one of them. It would have felt like selling our souls and not delivering on what we wanted to do [if we had more seasons]. It feels quite right and satisfactory.”

Watch the trailer for Dark below…

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