‘The Chase’ Viewers Left ‘Fuming’ Over ‘Confusing’ Question

The Chase viewers were left confused' after a contestant got a 'strange' question wrong.
Credit: ITV

The Chase viewers were recently left ‘confused’ after a contestant got a ‘strange’ question wrong on the ITV show. 

It popped up when 55-year-old marketing officer, Gwyneth, attempted to earn some money for her team.

She was asked: “A Bhangmetre is used to detect what?”

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The following options were: “A) Black Holes, B) Volcanic Activity or B) Nuclear Explosions.”

The 55-year-old guessed that the answer was ‘Volcanic Activity’. However, this was incorrect. The right answer was ‘Nuclear Explosions,’ which even Chaser Jenny Ryan, aka ‘The Vixen,’ got wrong.

Walsh couldn’t believe it and said: “You’re kidding, really?”

He went on to quip: “There’s a nuclear bomb going off. I don’t know, get the Bhangmetre out, under the stairs, next to the hoover. Just go and get it… too late, forget it!”

Viewers of the show shared the same confusion as Walsh on social media, with one user posting: “For f*** sake #TheChase Bhangmeter?! Do you know something we don’t?”

Another user, who accompanied his post with a sarcastic GIF, tweeted: “A Bhangmetre, you say?”

However, some claimed the answer was ‘obvious’. 

One wrote: “Bhangmetre. Bang! Obvious?…”

Another individual provided a description of where the puzzling word originated from.

“It’s a pun on the Hindi word for cannabis ‘bhang’. Coined because you’d have to be off your head to believe a Bhangmetre could work,” they tweeted. 

An official description on Wiktionary reads: “A non-imaging radiometer used to detect nuclear detonations and determine the yield of the nuclear weapon.”

It’s not the first time a question has caused confusion on the hit quiz show.

Earlier this week, viewers were left puzzled by the following question: “In football, if a direct free-kick goes straight into a team’s own goal, what is awarded to the opposing team?”

The host was convinced the answer was ‘goal,’ however, it turned out to be ‘corner’.

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Written by Rosario Monachino

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