Thomas Markle Says Prince Harry ‘Contradicts Himself’ With ‘Stupid’ Claims

Thomas Markle, who has recently broken his silence on the arrival on Meghan Markle’s baby girl, believes that Prince Harry ‘contradicts himself’ with ‘stupid’ claims. 
Credit: @invictusgames2023/Instagram & 60 Minutes

Thomas Markle, who recently broke his silence on the arrival of Meghan Markle’s baby girl, has said he believes that Prince Harry ‘contradicts himself’ with ‘stupid’ claims. 

The 76-year-old mentioned his son-in-law during a chat with 60 Minutes Australia

In the interview, which aired on June 13, Mr Markle discussed the recent Apple TV documentary series, The Me You Can’t See, that Prince Harry worked on with Oprah Winfrey. 

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“He contradicts himself so much,” the retired lighting engineer said. “He said my daughter was thinking of suicide and he went to the Royals and they didn’t help him. Well, you don’t go to the Royals. You pick up the phone and call a doctor. It’s like saying I wanted to leave the house but nobody opened the door for me. It’s stupid.”

In the Duke of Sussex’s Apple TV series, he alleged that his family and ‘The Firm’ didn’t try to help his wife as she battled with her mental health. 

He claimed that the couple ‘spent four years trying to make it work,’ but they were met with ‘total silence, total neglect’. 

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He explained: “We did everything that we possibly could to stay there and carry on doing the role and doing the job, but Meghan was struggling.

“That feeling of being trapped within the family, there was no option to leave.”

The 36-year-old said that this was the ultimate reason for departing their roles as Senior Royals and looking for a fresh start out of the UK. 

“Eventually when I made that decision for my family, I was still told, ‘You can’t do this’,” the dad-of-two commented. “And it’s like, ‘Well how bad does it have to get until I am allowed to do this?’ She [Meghan] was going to end her life. It shouldn’t have to get to that.”

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