Former Escort Explains The Three Main Reasons Why Women Cheat

A former escort has explained the three main reasons why women cheat. Find out what she had to say here...
Credit: @amandagoffofficial/Instagram & Alamy

A former escort has explained the three main reasons why women cheat. 

Samantha X, whose real name is Amanda Goff, is a retired s** worker who has been open about her experiences in the industry.

She uses her popularity on Instagram, where she has over 32,000 followers, to talk to her followers about her past.

Previously, Goff has gone viral for sharing the three main reasons why men cheat – and she’s now explained why women cheat too.

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Goff says in her column for the Daily Mail that ’20 years ago’ women wanted fulfilment through necessities such as ‘flowers, romance and a diamond ring’.

But she says this has changed and women now want ‘s**’.

Goff pens: “With dating harder than ever, work schedules busier and time our biggest commodity, women say they’re sick of their time being wasted by men who they claim, have lost the art of being gentlemen.”

The former escort goes on to say that while men look for s** workers as a form of connection, women don’t need that as ‘they have friends, family and pets’.

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Instead, they lean towards male escorts simply for fun.

Goff then proceeds to list the three main reasons why women cheat on their partners.

Firstly, she believes females are seeking their confidence back.

She explains that women can be ‘left feeling unsexy and undesirable’, especially after having kids.

While Goff says the second reason is women simply want good s**.

Amanda Goff
Former escort Samantha X has shared the three main reasons why women cheat. Credit: @amandagoffofficial/Instagram

The expert explains that women are looking for men who put ‘their pleasure first’ and are not just with them for a quick session before they disappear.

She adds that some women just want to ‘get down to business’ with someone and they don’t want to worry about any of the drama that comes with a relationship.

The columnist goes on to share a story about a divorcee who was ‘sick of men coming over to eat meals’ that she’d cook – with the food being ‘more satisfying than the s**’.

Goff’s final reason for women cheating is that they simply want to be respected.

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She claims that females feel a lack of consideration from guys when it comes to dating.

The former s** worker explains that some men can spend an entirety of a conversation not being polite and talking about their ex-wives.

She also tells a story about a female police officer who said: “Some men think it’s OK to introduce themselves by sending d*** pics and being crude, thinking it will get them somewhere.

“I’ve had men also want s** the first time we meet and assume ‘all women are easy’.”

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