Adult Star Julia Ann Explains Reason She’s Stopped Doing Scenes With Men

Julia Ann has explained the reasons she has stopped doing scenes with men.
Credit: @therealjuliaannlive/Instagram

An adult star has explained why she no longer does scenes with men. 

Julia Ann, 53, starred in her first adult film in 1992 and has gone on to become one of the most adored and respected actresses in the industry.

She started her career as part of the famous stripping tandem ‘Blondage’ with model Janine Lindemulder and has since been inducted into the Brazzers Hall of Fame.

Ann’s longevity in the business has seen her share some of the biggest changes she has experienced.

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Appearing on the Holly Randall Unfiltered podcast – which is hosted by adult film director Holly Randall – Ann shares why she has chosen to no longer work with male actors and only shoots scenes with women instead.

She reveals that she made the choice shortly after she got married, but says it has nothing to do with her husband – who is not a part of the industry and is ‘not a jealous person’.

“He knew who I was, he knew the whole thing,” Ann says.

The adult star then gives her reason as to why she doesn’t work with men anymore – saying that she is more comfortable filming with females and can ‘work it a certain way’.

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She explains: “As a woman who was getting older and one who hates the gym, I was finding that I couldn’t control where my fat was going in a scene with guys.

“This is my reality and no bulls***.

“When I have s** with a girl, I can position myself, I can work it a certain way, I can be a little bit more ‘oh how you doing today’.

“But when a guy’s behind you, it’s just [doink doink doink] and stuff is just happening and I can feel it happening.”

Ann also admits that she became ‘secure’ and ‘scared’ of wrinkles appearing and how it could potentially affect her career.

Julia Ann
Julia Ann has explained why she no longer does scenes with men. Credit: @therealjuliaannlive/Instagram

Randall – who has also worked in the industry for over 20 years – says she completely understands where Ann is coming from.

The host explains: “Especially with more seasoned guys, they will move you around into whatever position you want, to open you up on camera – that’s great when you’re thin and little and petite and look good from every angle.”

To which the adult star replies: “Yeah and after menopause, your body moves separately from itself.”

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The pair also discuss how people react to the partners of those in the industry, with Randall revealing that her listeners were ‘so fascinated with the idea of adult performers having relationships in and out of the industry’.

Ann adds: “They like to cut people like that, so instead of saying like the guy literally doesn’t care, they’re like, oh that guy’s some sort of sad cuck.

“And I’m like if that’s what it takes for you to feel better about the fact that you couldn’t handle that, then OK, call that person names but it could also be the fact that that person doesn’t care.”

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