Mia Khalifa Calls Out Men For Being ‘Cheap And Easy’

Mia Khalifa has called out men for being 'cheap and easy' in a viral video.
Credit: @miakhalifa/Instagram

Mia Khalifa has called out men for being ‘cheap and easy’ in a viral video.

Khalifa, 30, is a former adult film star and media personality.

She was only in the industry for three months but has come out with a staggering social media following, having 27.5 million Instagram followers and 37.2 million TikTok followers.

The former adult star is also known for being outspoken, and she’s recently sparked a debate after calling out men.

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Khalifa has taken to TikTok and responded to a fellow user’s clip, in which they say ‘getting a man should not be a goal in life’.

She’s captioned the post: “A lay up. Every time. They cave at the time of day, men are WEAK.”

While in the video the American-Lebanese star says: “Men are the easiest thing in the entire world.

“If you are wondering how you and another woman got the same man, it is because men are the easiest thing in the entire world.

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“I have never wanted a man and not gotten him. Do you have any idea how many men have wanted me and not gotten me?

“Granted some dusty’s have caught me slipping, but there has never been a single man that I have wanted that I have not gotten because men are cheap.”

Khalifa’s video has received more than 2.9 million likes and thousands have taken to the comments to share their thoughts.

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“This is so true,” one viewer comments.

Another adds: “No because you’re absolutely right. Made me sit and think about it too.”

While somebody else says: “All these men here trying to shine while they literally make Mia shine by proving her point.”

A fourth person writes: “LITERALLY!!! I tell people this all the time.”

However, others have taken to the comments to say they disagree with Khalifa.

Mia Khalifa on TikTok.
Mia Khalifa has called out men for being ‘cheap and easy’ in a viral video. Credit: @miakhalifa/TikTok

One TikToker comments: “I get what you’re saying but also you’re like super gorgeous bestie so that also helps.”

In agreement, another person says: “Speak for yourself, there are guys who I’ve loved who didn’t want me.”

“This only applies to conventionally attractive women, every man I’ve liked besides like a couple has been offended that I even liked them,” somebody else argues.

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Khalifa has also gone viral after discussing men and what they should expect from their partner in the bedroom.

In an interview with journalist Stephen Sackur for BBC’s HARDTalk, she says: “It affects relationships, and p*** addiction is very prevalent – the things men see in the videos and expect from the women in their lives is not reality.

“No one is going to do those acts on a Wednesday night with the ones they love.”

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