Bartender Blasts People Who Order Long Island Iced Tea

A bartender has taken to TikTok to call out customers who order a Long Island iced tea from the cocktail menu.
Credit: @soundbowlbae/TikTok & Alamy

Are you a fan of a Long Island iced tea cocktail? Well, one bartender is calling out people who order this drink from the menu. 

There is nothing better than gathering your friends and hitting up a cocktail bar to test out all of its delicious offerings throughout the night, however, you may not know that one of these concoctions in particular isn’t so liked by bar staff.

Whether it’s a cosmopolitan or a whiskey sour, they can be quite the hassle to prepare – especially if you’re ordering multiple.

But one cocktail that stands out as particularly challenging to prepare is the notorious Long Island iced tea and if you order it, you may receive one hell of a sigh from the bartender.

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TikTok content creator and self-proclaimed ‘bar star’ Porsha, known as @soundbowlbae, has gained viral fame with a video in which she candidly shares her thoughts on the popular and highly alcoholic cocktail.

“When you come up to the bar and you order a Long Island, the first thing I’m thinking is, ‘Is everything OK?’.” Posha jokingly admits to her followers.

@soundbowlbae Recipe .75 ounces of Vodka,Gin,Rum,Tequila add .5 ounces of Triple Sec and Sour add coke to top. For flavors add puree, stir and top with sprite. #longisland #cocktailreceipe #potionsbyp #bartenderlife ♬ original sound – SoundBowlBae

As the TikTok video creator explains, the standard Long Island Iced Tea is comprised of rum, tequila, vodka, and gin.

The bartender questions: “Why on earth would you want four different liquors in your drink?

“That’s just insane to me, but if you like it, I love it. But just know that I’m judging you a little bit.”

In the TikTok caption, the creator shares her own Long Island iced tea recipe, which is made up of ¾ ounces each of vodka, gin, rum, and tequila; ½ ounce of triple sec and sour mix, and cola to fill.

Cocktail drinks
The bartender is jokingly calling out people who order the popular Long Island iced tea cocktail. Credit: Alamy

Many people have taken to the comments on the viral video and defended ordering the popular cocktail.

One person quips: “Long Island is the only way to make sure you got liquor in your drink.”

In agreement, another adds: “It’s cause I’m trying to get straight to the point.”

Somebody else writes: “I get a Long Island when I forget to pregame.”

“I live in the UK and this is my favourite cocktail, I never order anything else and I can confirm, I have problems,” a fourth jokes.

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In an interview with the Daily Dot, Porcha addresses the inspiration behind her video, saying: “I just wanted to poke fun at the Long Island drinker.”

She adds that it’s an exceptionally potent beverage and one she hasn’t ordered since her early twenties.

The bartender – who is also a meditation coach – also clarifies that she doesn’t ‘judge anyone for their preferences of drinks’ and her videos are intended to be ‘jokes’.

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