‘Time Traveller’ Claims Celebrity Will Come Out And Admit They ‘Faked Death’

A 'time traveller,' who has previously said that 'aliens will land on Earth,' is now claiming that a 'very famous celebrity' will come out and admit they 'faked their own death'. 
Credit: Pexels

A ‘time traveller,’ who has previously said that ‘aliens will land on Earth,’ is now claiming that a ‘very famous celebrity’ will come out and admit they ‘faked their own death’ soon.

TikToker @aesthetictimewarper has gone viral once again after making the bold statement.

In the full clip, they said: “Attention. In less than six months, a very famous celebrity will go out in public and say they faked their death.

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The ‘time traveller’ has made several claims about the future. Credit: Pexels

“They will say where he had been and how he has hidden for the last years he has been gone.

“As soon as they come back, many countries are trying to interview them, they will come back in a boom…”

In the caption, they added: “Do not worry…”

So far, the video has been viewed over 2.8million times and many people are trying to guess which celebrity the ‘time traveller’ is referring to.

Tons of TikTokers seem to be convinced that it will be singer Michael Jackson.

One person said: “Sounds like Michael Jackson, on the come back with the MOONWALK dance.”

Another added: “Oh you mean MJ is finally coming back, bout time. This Is It.”

However, some theorists suggested it could be Tupac, who many believed faked his own death.

Already, fans of the rapper have said he is ‘still alive,’ as a very convincing lookalike went viral on the social media platform.

For years, people have insisted Tupac has been hiding out in Cuba.

The American is believed to have died back in 1996, after being shot in Las Vegas when heading out to a gig.

Reportedly, he was shot four times – in the chest, arm, and thigh. Six days later, he passed away in hospital.

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