Realisation About Vans Logo Is Leaving People Mindblown And They Can’t Unsee It

People are mindblown after realising the meaning of the Vans logo and now they can't unsee it.
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People are mindblown after realising the meaning of the Vans logo and now they can’t unsee it.

The iconic shoe brand has established itself as one of the most recognisable pieces of footwear in the world – with projections estimating that it could be worth $5 billion by the end of 2023.

The company was founded in 1966 by Paul Van Doren, his brother James and Gordon Lee after they opened their shoe shop ‘The Van Doren Rubber Company’ in Anaheim, California.

Along with making shoes, Vans is synonymous with skateboarding – having made decks and shoes specifically designed for skateboarding.

The company has a recognisable logo, however, only now have people realised what it actually is.

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The logo is very simple as it is ‘VANS’ with the line of the V going across the top of the letters.

While it is basic, it is also iconic and instantly identifiable with the brand.

The original version of the logo was created by Mark Van Doren – the son of James Van Doren.

He originally wanted to paint it on a skateboard but his father decided to put it on the heel of one of the shoe designs after seeing it.

Despite its popularity, only recently have people noticed that the logo has an association with maths.

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TikTok users have noticed that the ‘V’ shares a resemblance with the ‘square root’ symbol – known as a ‘Radical’ which is quite appropriate for a skateboarding brand.

People figured out that the logo shoe is the same as the equation for ‘the square root of answer’ – which appears as ‘√ANS’ when you put this in on a calculator.

As expected, this led to users discussing this discovery on social media.

“My whole life has been a lie,” jokes one person.

Another person adds: “Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.”

@singingently #greenscreensticker ♬ Come On Over by Singing Gently – Singing Gently

While someone else has gone as far as to come up with their own scenario regarding the meaning behind the logo.

They explain: “So this is the scenario I thought up when I realised this.

“A guy walks into a Vans store. The guy at the counter asks him what his favourite type of shoe is, and he blatantly says ‘Vans!’.

“The guy at the counter can then say ‘Radical Answer, bro’ and not sound stupid.”

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Similarly, people have recently learnt what the name Twix actually stands for.

In a Twitter post, Fooji asked the brand directly if Twix is short for ‘twin biscuit sticks’.

Surprisingly, the account behind the chocolate bar responded and said: “Close! It’s short for ‘twin sticks’,” – which makes sense as most bars of Twix do come with two bars.

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