Disturbing Horror Film Has Viewers So Ill They Want To ‘Throw Up’

Viewers have discovered Vivarium, a horror film that is making them so ill that they want to 'throw up'.
Credit: XYZ Films

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People have just discovered a horror film that is apparently so disturbing it’s making them want to ‘throw up’.

With there being so many scary movies these days, it can be difficult for one to stand out.

Yeah, there are ones with jumpscares, ones with gore and some that may even include some terrifying kind of creature – but they don’t scare you to the point where you’re afraid to sit in the dark.

But horror fans are now coming across a film that is so disturbing it’s making them want to be sick.

Watch the trailer for the film below…

Vivarium is a 2019 horror starring Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) and Imogen Poots (28 Weeks Later) as a couple who find themselves stuck in a maze of identical houses.

As the pair try to figure out a way to escape, they receive a package containing a child and are asked to raise him.

They then learn they must raise their ‘son’ in order to be freed while trying to discover what’s really happening in this endless dystopian that they’ve found themselves trapped in.

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The film was released just as the Covid-19 pandemic caused everything to shut down, which meant Vivarium only grossed an estimated $434,000 at the box office against a budget of $4 million.

Despite this, the movie has found a new life on Prime’s free (with advertisements) streaming service Freevee.

Viewers have taken to social media to react to the film, with one person saying: “The movie Vivarium… makes me want to throw up… out of like fear. It makes me so uncomfortable.”

Vivarium has left some viewers wanting to ‘throw up’. Credit: XYZ Films

Someone else pens: “Vivarium is really f***ed up but boy oh boy what a terrific wee film it was. Now will you excuse me, I’ve got to ponder on the film and possibly throw up because it made me feel ill.”

“I just watched Vivarium on Prime Video and I honestly need to throw up,” comments a third.

Vivarium! Scariest movie around,” another viewer insists, prompting someone else to add: “That movie is my worst nightmare.”

The film’s director, Lorcan Finnegan, told Collider that the concept of Vivarium came from his short film Foxes – which similarly is about a young couple who are trapped in a remote estate.

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He explained that while ‘spitballing’ ideas for the film, they explored what young adults are really scared of in modern society.

No longer are they scared of big, killer monsters but rather being stuck in a repetitive cycle.

Finnegan explained: “Are they afraid of big weird winged creatures or are they afraid of their lives becoming repetitive and boring, and all their hopes and dreams getting sucked away by making a couple of wrong choices?

“Or being tricked into a situation that they hadn’t quite predicted that they’d end up getting stuck in.

“So we were trying to create a monster that would be relevant for that story, and kind of represent consumer capitalism and all of that stuff.”

Watch Vivarium with your free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime here.

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