Vladimir Putin Crowned ‘Russia’s Sexiest Man’ In Poll

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin has been crowned ‘Russia’s Sexist Man’. 

In a poll, conducted by, 2,000 Russians were asked who they think is the hottest man in the land.

And now the results are out and, apparently, 18% of the country’s men and 17% of its women said they believe the 68-year-old dictator deserved the title, the Moscow Times reports.

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Credit: YouTube/NBC

However, little word has been shared on what the other 82% of men and 83% of women had to say.

But it’s probably worth mentioning that 19% of guys did think they should be named the country’s sexiest man.

Commenting on the results, the survey regulators said: “Neither actors nor athletes or other politicians can compete with him today.”

The survey, which was regulated in person, was published after Putin was given permission to run for presidency until 2036 by lawmakers.

By then, Russia’s heartthrob will have turned 83.

The news comes weeks after Prince William was crowned for the ‘World’s Sexiest Slaphead’.

According to research, the Duke of Cambridge has been searched 17.6 million times on the internet, under the labels ‘sexy,’ ‘hot,’ and ‘attractive’.

The 38-year-old triumphed over boxing legend Mike Tyson to the top spot, who was voted second with 8.8 million mentions online.

Coming in third was action man Jason Statham, who had around 7.4 million admirers referencing his head.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/NBC

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