People Are Getting Very Upset After Learning What Chin Dimples Are

People are getting very upset after finding out the grim truth about chin dimples.
Credit: Alamy

People are getting very upset after finding out the grim truth about chin dimples.

While some people complain about dimples in certain parts of their bodies, some see them as a sign of beauty and attractiveness.

In fact, actor Henry Cavill – recently voted the most handsome face of 2022 – has one.

While the King of Pop Michael Jackson, who was born without a chin dimple, had one surgically put in.

However, people are horrified after finding out the truth about the rare genetic trait.

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It all started when vlogger and science boffin Hank Green decided to tell the world exactly what chin dimples are, and to be honest, most people wish he hadn’t bothered.

After a TikTok user screwed his face up and asked ‘what is this thing?’ while pointing at a dimple on his chin, Green revealed the truth.

He explained that chin dimples are caused by something called the mentalis muscle. 

“It’s in your chin and it is very weird,” he explains. “You have identified correctly a weird muscle. Well done.”

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson had a chin dimple surgically put in. Credit: Alamy

Refusing to just leave it there, though, Green continues: “Almost every muscle in your body connects a bone to another bone. 

“Your bones yank on each other, that’s how you move.

“There are other muscles, like sphincters, that just yank on themselves. 

“The heart is a totally different kind of muscle – it yanks on itself to pump your blood around.”

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It’s about now you might be wondering why people are so upset, well, there’s more.

Green went on: “In our faces, we have a bunch of muscles that do not connect to other bones.

“You can tell this, right? Like, all the movement that faces do, we that we can talk and emote and stuff – we’re not yanking on bones here. We’re yanking on skin.”

Now, brace yourself for the grim bit.

mentalis muscle diagram
Chin dimples are caused by something called the mentalis muscle. Credit: @mayaisfiya/Twitter

The boffin then explained that the mentalis muscle connects from bone to skin – which is why dimples are seen on your face when you scrunch it up or flex it.

“You can see the mentalis here, doing an absolutely wild thing, sticking all of its little muscle fibres into your skin”, he said, while sharing a totally gross picture of the muscle growing from the skull.

“When you contract that muscle, it yanks. It yanks on the skin and makes those little dimples.”

He concludes: “It’s a little weird. We’re all made out of meat.”

Hank Green
Hank Green explained to TikTok users why we have chin dimples. Credit: @hankgreen/TikTok

Green’s comments section didn’t take long to fill up with people sharing their shock and disgust.

Many said they’d gone this long without knowing and could have lived happily ever after blissfully unaware.

One creeped-out user says: “Thanks! Never speak of this again.”

Another complains: “This makes me nauseous.”

A third, rather dramatically, says: “I am so upset that I now know this information.”

@hankgreen1 #stitch with @zendayasbf We evolved to emote. #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #askhank ♬ original sound – Hank Green

“I’m sorry but I REALLY hate knowing this and it’s gonna haunt me for a long time,” added a fourth.

Not everyone was quite so taken aback, though, as one person put a positive spin on the revelation. 

“So what I’m hearing is that we all have an invisible sole patch?” they said.

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Written by Cal Gaunt

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