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AI Creates What ‘Average Person’ Looks Like In Each US State

AI has been used to create what the 'average person' looks like in each US state.
Credit: Reddit/u/NeutronicTachyon

AI has been used to create what the ‘average person’ looks like in each US state.

Artificial intelligence is slowly becoming more and more involved in our day-to-day lives.

Students and professionals are using chatbots to do their work for them.

Meanwhile, stuff we do daily such as stream music or unlock our phone using face ID all use some form of AI.

Watch this computer give workers instructions below…

It has also been used to create images of people – things like what Homer Simpson would look like in real life.

Now, someone has posted a series of pictures where AI has been used to give examples of what the ‘average person’ in American states should look like.

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Reddit account NeutronicTachyon shared the AI-generated images, which are inspired by fashion trends, stereotypes and local traditions from certain states in America.

The first photo shown is a man from Texas – who is sporting a large cowboy hat, a brown shirt tucked into blue denim jeans and a wide belt buckle with a bull on it.

Next up is a cool-looking man from California, who looks like he could be in a Hollywood film as he wears a floral shirt with aviator sunglasses – with his long brown hair blowing in the wind.

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AI man from Texas
Apparently, the average man from Texas looks like a cowboy. Credit: Reddit/u/NeutronicTachyon
AI man from California
Even the average person from California looks like they could be the star of a Hollywood film. Credit: Reddit/u/NeutronicTachyon

The third image is a woman from the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado, and it shows her sitting on top of a peak as she smokes.

The next AI picture takes us to Florida, showing a cheerful old man wearing baggy shorts and a baggy shirt – while also sporting a sunhat, sunglasses and sandals.

AI woman from Colorado
Colorado seems to be very chill. Credit: Reddit/u/NeutronicTachyon
AI man from Florida
The average man from Florida, according to AI. Credit: Reddit/u/NeutronicTachyon

Oregon is fifth on the list and it shows a woman with dyed hair and shoulder tattoos.

The last AI-generated picture shows what a man from Maine looks like – a state known for its lobsters and seafood cuisine.

Bizzarley, artificial intelligence reckons that the average person from Maine wears a hat with a lobster on top.

AI woman from Oregon
AI reckons that the average person from Oregon looks like this. Credit: Reddit/u/NeutronicTachyon
AI man from Maine
While Maine is famous for its lobsters, it’s unlikely the average person wears one. Credit: Reddit/u/NeutronicTachyon

People have taken to the comments to react to these pictures.

One person writes: “That’s it, I’m moving to Maine.”

“I’m really digging the existential horror behind Mr Texas,” says someone else.

Another user adds: “Had to look closely on Florida as I thought it was just a real picture.”

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However, one unimpressed viewer comments: “Hi. Maine here. Can you not put dead lobsters all over everything? K thx.”

Another resident of Maine adds: “The result is cr*p, looks more like a tourist to Maine than a resident of Maine.”

Someone else admits: “OK this AI stuff is officially disturbing me because I think I have a crush on a 100% not-real Oregonian woman.”

“Damn I’m looking at Colorado,” pens a Reddit user.

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“I couldn’t be happier with the Cali stereotype,” states one viewer.

Someone else agreed with the image of California as they add that it is ‘unfortunately accurate’.

The post was so popular that the account has since released a second batch of AI-generated images featuring the average person from different states in America.

This time, it looks at citizens from Arizona, New York, New Jersey, Utah, Alaska, Tennessee, Indiana and New Mexico.

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