Fourth Side Of The Cheese Grater Has A Purpose And People Are Just Realising

The fourth side of the cheese grater actually has a purpose but people are only just realising.
Credit: Alamy

People are only just discovering the purpose of the fourth side of the cheese grater and it’s leaving them mind-blown. 

The kitchen utensil can be found in most people’s homes and it can used to grate all sorts of food, from cheese to vegetables.

You might use it when cooking for all sorts of recipes, however, do you know what all of its sides are used for?

Many people are taking to social media and admitting that they’ve only just discovered what the purpose of its fourth side is.

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Food experts have weighed in on the matter over at and explained what all sides are intended for.

The utensil’s largest holes are meant for shredding semi-hard cheeses, such as cheddar or Gruyère.

While the smaller shredding holes can be used to grate cheese, chocolate, vegetables and much more.

The side with the wide slits is for slicing and is ideal for cheese and vegetables.

And finally, the side with the tiniest holes – the fourth side – on the grater ‘produces the finest strands of cheese’.

Parmesan cheese
People are only just learning what the fourth side of the cheese grater is for. Credit: Alamy adds: “If you want to replicate the pre-grated hard cheese sold in plastic tubs or cardboard cans at the grocery store, choose this side. It should produce a consistency so fine that the cheese easily dissolves into salad dressings, sauces, and casseroles.”

You can also use this side of the appliance for grating nutmeg and zesting citrus.

Many people only came to this realisation after someone took to Casual UK over on Reddit and asked.

Alongside a photo of the grater side in question, they inquired: “Does anybody ever use this part of the grater? What is it even for??”

Does anybody ever use this part of the grater? What is it even for??
byu/MrLewk inCasualUK

The Reddit user added in the comments: “All this has ever done is hurt my hand, but I’ve literally never used those small hole graters ever. Pretty much just use the other side for making grated cheese.”

It turns out this person wasn’t the only one who was clueless about the fourth side’s purpose.

Taking to social media, another asked: “Seriously though, what IS the fourth side of a cheese grater for other than making it hard to clean and hard to hold?”

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While somebody else said: “What on earth is that vicious fourth side of the cheese grater supposed to grate? Other than my sodding fingers?”

Those in the know have been sharing how they use the fourth side, with one writing: “Lemon, nutmeg, parmesan… Loads of stuff.”

A second commented: “It’s for finely grated cheese. If you want parmesan texture with cheddar cheese then this side is your guy.”

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