Tiny Pocket In Your Jeans Actually Has A Purpose

We finally know what the tiny pocket in your jeans is actually for.
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Have you ever wondered what the purpose of the tiny pocket in your jeans is? Well, we finally have an answer…

Curious about the reason for those little pockets inside your jeans? Not the regular-sized ones, meant for your phone and loose change, but those tiny, nestled pockets found on just one side.

If you are then fear not as online users may have cracked the code.

While you may be under the assumption that it’s simply a fashion statement, astonishingly, it possesses much more historical significance.

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Those minuscule pockets can be traced all the way back to 1890, as they were introduced in Levi’s ‘waist overall’ jeans.

Over time, this additional pouch has proven its versatility, evident in the various names it has acquired: frontier pocket, c**dom pocket, coin pocket, match pocket, and ticket pocket, among several others.

One user took to TikTok to try and debunk the news, while some took to the comments and joked about what they use it for.

One user made the comment section laugh by writing: “I use it to keep my salary”

Another user added: “That’s where [the] airpods go usually”

While a third user commented: “Bro that’s the air pod pocket”

But that’s not the original reason…

Jean pocket
The tiny pockets in your jeans actually has a purpose. Credit: Alamy

As per Levi Strauss, this ingenious feature was initially incorporated as a safeguard for pocket watches, hence its name.

Initially intended to secure pocket watches, their purpose evolved over time as pocket watches fell out of common use.

While fashion may have stepped up a level, we still frequently encounter these pockets in the classic blue jeans created by Levi Strauss & Co., a design that has endured the evolution of fashion for two centuries.

The idea for these tiny pockets can be found in the patent filed by Strauss and J.W. Davis on May 20, 1873, titled Improvement in Fastening Pocket Openings, reports The Sun.

The discovery shows that the pocket travels back so many years, with the miniature pocket nestled within the regular pocket having its roots in the 1800s, catering to the needs of cowboys, as per Marie Claire.

Back then, it served as a safe haven for their pocket watches while they rode horseback through the rugged terrain.

However, as we find ourselves in the modern era of 2021, where cowboys are no longer the norm, these pockets have evolved to serve different purposes.

With the advent of wristwatches and other timekeeping devices, the need for a specialised ‘pocket’ to hold watches has become obsolete. As a result, these little pockets have adapted to new roles and functionalities.

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