Medical Expert Has Grim Warning For People Who Sit On Their Phones While On Toilet

A medical expert has shared a grim warning for people who use their phone on the loo.
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Although it may seem harmless to scroll on your phone while on the loo, you may be less inclined to do so when you find out what medical experts are saying about it. 

A study, conducted by YouGov, has found that the majority of Brits (57%) have admitted to using their phone on the toilet.

It also found that 8% of people say they ‘always’ do it, while 14% say they do it ‘most times’.

For health experts, this will be an alarming finding – as there are plenty of risks involved in the seemingly harmless act.

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Colorectal surgeon Dr Karen Zaghiyan says that while you’re scrolling through endless TikToks if you’re taking longer to poo than usual, you could be putting extra pressure on your a*** which can result in haemorrhoids.

The expert tells Healthline: “Hemorrhoids are a collection of veins inside and outside the a***. Everyone has haemorrhoids. We are born with them.

“The act of sitting and straining as you scroll can cause the haemorrhoids to engorge with blood, causing symptoms such as pain, swelling or bleeding.”

It should be noted that there isn’t verifiable evidence of this, however, clinical trials are ongoing and doctors are pretty certain.

Medical experts say you shouldn’t scroll on the phone while you’re on the loo. Credit: Alamy

But it’s not just haemorrhoids that you have to worry about. There’s also bacteria.

When you’re using your phone on the loo, you’re contaminating it with bacteria from the bathroom and it’s likely you’ll transfer this to other areas when you’re finished.

Horrifyingly, but unsurprisingly, a 2017 study found that high school students’ mobile phones are covered in many germs, including E.coli and other microprobes that can make you ill.

With this concerning find in mind, it’s more important than ever that you understand the importance of handwashing.

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Dr Marcos Del Rosario, a urologist at Clinic CERACOM in Campeche, Mexico, tells Healthline: “Grown adults still don’t know how to wash their hands. I see it all the time in public bathrooms.”

While Dr Zaghiyan advises that when you’re on the loo, you only sit while the urge to go still remains.


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Many people have taken to TikTok and admitted in the comments that they are guilty of using the phone on the toilet.

“Sorry, but I’ll probably still use it,” one person says.

A second writes: “POV: You’re in the bathroom.”

Somebody else comments: “Sometimes not knowing is better than knowing man.”

While a fourth person jokes: “The network is pretty good at the toilet though.”

“I even doze off sometimes,” someone else confesses.

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