Vulturing Is A Worrying Dating Trend That Brings Out The Worst In People

Relationship vulturing
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A worrying dating trend called vulturing is bringing out the worst in people.

In the world of modern dating, every situation seems to have its own quirky label.

Seriously, have you ever realised just how many different types of dating behaviours have names? If you haven’t, well, you’re about to get a crash course.

Say you’re out with your significant other, but you can’t resist sneaking peeks at your phone every few seconds.

That probably makes you a ‘phubber’ – someone who just can’t part ways with their phone, even when they’re supposed to be enjoying quality time with their partner.

Ever had a blast from the past come back to haunt you? Well, you’ve been ‘zombied’.

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Someone who ghosted you months ago suddenly resurrects themselves in your life. Yeah, that’s a thing too.

But there’s one dating trend that reigns supreme in the realm of bad behaviour – the dreaded vulturing.

In the animal kingdom, vultures are those birds that swoop in to feast on whatever’s left behind. In the dating world, human vultures aren’t all that different.

Imagine this scenario: there’s a relationship going on, but the vulture isn’t even a part of it.

Nope, they’re lurking on the sidelines, often a friend or an acquaintance of one of the parties involved.

They’ve weaselled their way into the inner circle, playing the role of the supportive confidant.

But here’s the twist – the vulture is just waiting for things to go south.

If the relationship blossoms and thrives, the vulture remains on the periphery. But if it crashes and burns, guess who’s ready to swoop in for the kill? The vulture.

@screenwriterlisi🔞 Vulture♬ Mount Everest – Labrinth

Under the guise of friendship, these vultures pounce on the opportunity.

They exploit any vulnerability or insecurity left behind by the failed relationship.

Armed with insider information about what went wrong, they set out to win over the recently broken-hearted, putting in way less effort than they would if they were starting fresh.

Urban Dictionary even has a say in this matter, defining vulturing as ‘the act of staying in the shadows, awaiting the romantic failure of an acquaintance so as to exploit the leftovers’.

Vulturing isn’t just limited to just romantic entanglements.

TikToker and writer Lisi Maldonado explains that these opportunistic behaviours can extend to any relationship that a vulture believes is about to crumble.

“They can swoop in and take advantage of the people that were once in that relationship, be it financially, romantically, intimately, it could be anything,” she says.

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“If you’re a vulture, you’re an a***hole. And if you find yourself in the presence of someone that knows all the right things to see and do, and they knew about your past relationship and what caused its demise, be aware of their true intent.”

It’s not just about love – it’s about seizing opportunities, be it financial, romantic, or intimate.

But here’s the bottom line: vulturing is just plain lousy.

Anyone who preys on others’ misfortune and vulnerabilities isn’t exactly winning any awards in the decency department.

If you find yourself crossing paths with someone who seems to know all the right buttons to push post-breakup, and they were fully aware of your relationship’s ups and downs, you might be dealing with a vulture.

So, to all the vultures out there – we’re onto you.

And to those who find themselves caught in their web, remember that not all intentions are pure.

Stay wise and cautious, because the dating jungle can be just as ruthless as the animal kingdom.

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Written by Cal Gaunt

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