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Woman Slammed For Touching Disney Actor ‘Without Permission’ In Viral Clip

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A woman has been slammed for touching a Disney actor in a clip that has now gone viral

In the video, which resurfaced on Reddit, the theme park guest can be seen approaching the man – dressed as Beauty and the Beast’s Gaston – and she appears to be keen on getting a photo with him.

However, things quickly become awkward when she attempts to touch his chest and he lunges away.

The Disney actor then tells her she should ‘go’.

Watch the moment the woman touched the Disney actor be debated in the clip below…

At this point, the woman appears to be unsure as to whether he was being serious, so she continues to lean in closer.

The actor then seems to tell her to ‘get out’ and inform her that ‘there’s children’ in the area.

The footage has been shared by TikToker Evan Snead, who captioned the post: “This just boils my blood.”

“Imagine if a guy tried that on a Disney princess, they’d be jailed,” one said.

In agreement, a second fumed: “How about we don’t touch ANYONE without permission??”

“The fact she is laughing and thinks it is funny…,” a third commented.

While another added: “The fact he had to stay in character after that happened, poor dude… ugh.”

“Gaston is like the best one there. He handled it correctly,” someone else said.

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However, some people argued that the actor ‘overreacted’ to the situation.

One viewer commented: “I feel like he overreacted. You can educate someone on proper adequate without embarrassing them.”

Another added: “He shouldn’t have screamed so loud, because as like mentioned himself, it’s a family place. And for the character to scream like that…”

“Isn’t that his character’s thing? Touching his muscles…,” a third argued.

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