Disneyland Paris Staff Member Slammed After ‘Ruining’ Marriage Proposal

Disneyland Paris Proposal: A Disneyland Paris staff member has been slammed on social media for 'ruining' a marriage proposal.
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A Disneyland Paris staff member has been slammed on social media for ‘ruining’ a marriage proposal.

A video has gone viral of a guy bending down on one knee in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle at the theme park.

Just seconds after popping the big question, a staff member cuts in between him and his partner and to everyone’s shock, snatches the ring box from his hand.

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He is heard telling the couple: “Yes that’s great, but it’ll be even better over here.”

At this point, onlookers of what was supposed to be a special moment start booing.

On Twitter, many people have slammed the member of staff, saying that he ‘overreacted,’ regardless of whether the couple was in a ‘forbidden’ area.

One tweeted: “Even if they weren’t supposed to be there the deed was done and they weren’t hurting anybody.

“Bro took pride in interjecting himself there at the worst possible time, laughing my a** off. Everything about this video sucks.”

Another added: “He could have let them have their moment and then discreetly asked them to move away from the area. Not everyone is cut out for customer service.”

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Others took to the comments and defended the staff member, with one penning: “He’s doing the job he’s assigned to do. It doesn’t matter what is happening up there, people aren’t supposed to be there. Period. What’s he supposed to do? Ignore it just because it’s a proposal and then get fired or written up? Not worth it for guests breaking the rules.”

People get all mad without knowing the full story. They weren’t supposed to be up there and they knew it. He ruined his own proposal,” another agreed.

According to Newsweek, a Disney spokesperson has addressed the incident and said that they ‘regretted’ the handling of it.

They reportedly commented: “We regret how this was handled. We have apologised to the couple involved and offered to make it right.”

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