Chanel The African Grey Parrot Has Gone Missing Again

The woman who went viral for losing her pet parrot Chanel claims that she's gone missing again. 
Credit: @sandrahannah80/TikTok

Chanel the African grey parrot, who went viral last year, has gone missing again. 

The bird’s owner, named Sandra, took to TikTok to beg her followers for help and insisted her pleas were ‘not a joke’.

She captioned the post: “Please help everyone, it’s not a joke. She’s really gone.”

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The woman who went viral after losing her pet parrot Chanel claims that she’s gone missing again. Credit: @sandrahannah80/TikTok

In the clip, she can be seen weeping to her followers as she says: “It’s not a joke.

“Chanel flew off again. Please, I don’t know what to do but if anyone sees her, you know what she’s like.”

Initially, many of the woman’s followers were a little suspicious about the disappearance, as they claimed they could hear a bird tweeting in the background of the clip.

One person wrote on Twitter: “This is about as fake as her hair colour.”

Another added: “The attention was obviously drying up so here we are.”

A third said: “I think it’s time to accept Chanel doesn’t want to live with you.”

@sandrahannah80Please help everyone it’s not a joke she’s really gone♬ original sound – SANDY ?

However, Sandra has now confirmed that Chanel is definitely missing and the tweeting was coming from another one of her pet birds.

During the first lockdown, the woman became a viral hit when she shared a video of herself calling out for her pet in the street.

In a follow-up clip, she said that if it hadn’t been for the video’s huge amount of views, she ‘wouldn’t have found her’.

Let’s hope that, like last time, Chanel will find her way back home safe and sound.

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Written by Aimee Walker

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