Horror Fans Left ‘Yelling At TV Screen’ Over Anxiety-Inducing Shark Film

47 Meters Down on Netflix is leaving horror fans 'yelling at the TV screen' over the anxiety-inducing shark film.
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Horror fans have been left ‘yelling at the TV screen’ over an anxiety-inducing shark film.

Sharks are undoubtedly one of the scariest creatures swimming in the sea.

Having a fear of the creature is called galeophobia and although there’s only one in 3,748,067 chance you will be attacked and killed by a shark, many people are still absolutely terrified of them.

A lot of people refer to the 1975 film Jaws as being one of the main reasons we fear these creatures.

And now there is a film on Netflix that might just elevate those fears surrounding sharks to a whole new level.

Watch the trailer for this anxiety-inducing film below…

47 Meters Down – starring Mandy Moore (This Is Us) and Claire Holt (The Vampire Diaries) – follows two sisters who go shark diving in Mexico.

When in a protective cage, they find that they are cut off from the boat that is taking them along.

The sisters soon find themselves surrounded by a pack of great white sharks and they also have to deal with the limited supply of oxygen they have.

The movie came out in 2017 and a sequel was released in 2019 called 47 Meters Down: Uncaged.

The original has found new life since dropping on Netflix and viewers have taken to social media to react to it.

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One viewer says: “47 Meters Down on Netflix was pretty good. Just a constant reminder of why I’m not ever scuba diving or snorkelling.”

Another person writes: “The 47 Metres Down movie and Uncaged the sequel TERRIFIED me like all my nightmares in a film ahhh.”

Someone else reacts: “This is giving me anxiety. I’m way too claustrophobic to ever swim through a hollow a** cave.

47 Meters Down
Horror fans have been praising 47 Meters Down for its anxiety-inducing scenes. Credit: Entertainment Studios

“My asthma wouldn’t even allow me to wear a scuba mask that long.”

A fourth viewer praises the movie, adding: “Jaws always gets the credit (it was great at the time) but for me, The Shallows and 47 Meters Down surpass it as the best shark movies out there.”

47 Meters Down movie got me yelling at the TV,” shares another person.

If you are looking for another film on Netflix that will leave you on tenterhooks, then Fall might be the one for you – with viewers claiming that it is leaving them ‘sick to their stomach’.

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The movie follows two women who climb a 2,000 feet tall radio tower, and they then get stranded at the top with no way of getting down.

It has a stellar cast too which includes Grace Caroline Currey (Shazam), Virginia Gardner (Halloween), Mason Gooding (Scream) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead).

It received an impressive 79% on Rotten Tomatoes – while also grossing $21 million worldwide, against a $3 million budget.

47 Meters Down is now available to watch on Netflix in the UK.

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