Ali Wong Warns Women About Microp**ises After ‘Falling For Trap’ On Date

Ali Wong has warned women about microp**ises after 'falling for the trap' while on a date.
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Ali Wong has warned women about microp**ises after ‘falling for the trap’ while on a date.

The Always Be My Maybe star is currently starring in the Netflix series Beef – which is being dubbed as one of the best-ever series to grace the streaming service.

Along with her acting and writing credits, she is also a stand-up comedian who is known for being true to life as she tells a lot of personal stories.

Wong spent one of her routines warning women about men who have small packages.

Watch Ali Wong speak about her own experiences with microp**ises below…

In her Netflix special Hard Knock Wife, the Fresh off the Boat writer discusses the differences between straight men and women while dating in their 20s.

She starts her routine by claiming that everyone ‘knows the secret’.

“When a woman sleeps with a man right away, it’s not because we don’t respect ourselves. It’s because we don’t respect you,” explains Wong – which garners cheers from the crowd.

She continues: “We don’t see you as marriage material, that’s why we let your d*** inside so fast.

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“By letting you in, we’re really kicking you out of our future.”

After a slight pause, the Beef actress explains: “But you better be careful, because when a man doesn’t sleep with you right away, it’s not because he respects you.

“It’s because he has a small d*** and he’s trying to trap you.”

Wong urges the audience to not fall for this trap and then goes on to say that she will be telling her daughter this ‘over and over’.

If you are wondering how the comedian knows a lot about this, it turns out she has had first-hand experience – which has seemingly traumatised her.

Ali Wong
Ali Wong has warned women about microp**ises after ‘falling for the trap’. Credit: @aliwong/Instagram

“I fell for that s*** once,” she admits.

“Fell in love and into a semi-long-term relationship with a man who kept on wanting to wait to have s** and I assumed it’s because he thought I was so special and amazing and worth waiting for – he was hiding something!”

The Tuca & Bertie actress explains that when it was the time for them to get down to business, she was met with a tiny surprise.

Or as Wong describes: “This tiny mess of a thing that wouldn’t even reach your molars.”

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She claims that this was the ‘first and last’ time she ever saw a microp**nis.

Fans have taken to social media to praise Wong, while sharing how they understand where she is coming from.

One fan says: “‘It’s because we don’t respect YOU’. I felt that.”

Someone else adds: “Every single part of this was relatable, especially the reason why a guy doesn’t want to sleep with you on the first date.”

A third viewer comments: “Everything about this is accurate!!!! I love it”

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