New Netflix Series Has 99% Rotten Tomatoes Score And Is Being Called One Of Its Best Ever Shows

The new Netflix series Beef has a 99% Rotten Tomatoes score and is being called one of its best-ever shows.
Credit: Netflix

A new series on Netflix has a 99% Rotten Tomatoes score and is being called one of its best-ever shows.

The streaming service has a reputation for having made some of the best TV shows in recent times.

Hits such as Stranger Things, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and Wednesday have all gone garnered critical acclaim and huge fanbases.

But there is now a new show on Netflix that has fans raving.

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Beef is a comedy-drama series starring Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) and Ali Wong (Always Be My Maybe).

The show follows two strangers who get into a road rage incident that, unknowingly to them, brings chaos into their lives.

Yeun plays a struggling contractor whose life is heading in the wrong direction while Wong plays a self-made entrepreneur who has everything she could dream of.

But they soon find themselves pitted against each other in a feud centred around revenge.

The show was created and written by Lee Sung Jin, who had worked on successful comedies such as It’s Always Sunny In Philidelphia, Silicon Valley and 2 Broke Girls.

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Beef dropped on Netflix on April 6 and has been met with overwhelming praise.

Since releasing on the streaming service, it has received an unbelievable score of 99% on the film site Rotten Tomatoes.

Fans have also been praising the show on social media.

One viewer writes: “Drop everything you’re doing. Watch Beef on Netflix. Now.”

Someone else pens: “Beef is undoubtedly one of the riveting shows that perfectly captures the calamitous complexities in the lives of two people.

“The hostile chemistry between Steven Yeun and Ali Wong makes it even better. This is Netflix‘s best original show of the last five years.”

Steven Yeun and Ali Wong in Beef.
The new series Beef on Netflix has a 99% Rotten Tomatoes score and is being called one of its best-ever shows. Credit: Netflix

Another fan comments: “Just watched Beef and I’m blown away. The show is one of the best I’ve seen in a while, with incredible performances all around.

“Yeun and Wong are outstanding. The show is a perfect blend of humour, excitement, and tension. It’s a definite winner for Netflix.”

A fourth viewer adds: “I just finished BEEF and wow. One of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. Amazing performances all around.

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“Yeun and Wong are fantastic. Funny, thrilling and anxiety-inducing. What a show. Netflix has a WINNER.”

Some fans are calling Yeun and Wong the early favourites for next year’s Emmy Awards.

While others have praised the show’s gripping storyline.

So if you’re looking for something new to binge, Beef might be the show for you.

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