Tiny D**ks Might Come Back Into Fashion

Tiny d***s may be coming back in fashion, or at least according to some experts. 
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Tiny d***s may be coming back in fashion, or at least according to some experts. 

In modern Western society, many men value nothing more about their appearance than the size of their manhood. 

For most, being well-endowed is a big deal and those who aren’t can be made to feel inadequate. 

However, at one point in history, men with small pen*s’ were actually as seen as more desirable. 

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Although it may be surprising to some, the Ancient Greeks considered larger manhoods to be ‘grotesque’ and ‘laughable’. 

While a ‘beautiful pen*s’ would be on the ‘dainty’ side. 

It’s not entirely clear why the Ancient Greeks had this preference, however, art historian Ellen Oredsson believes it may have been about ‘balance’, reports Vice

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She says people from this time period had ‘artistic ideals which were all about balance; nothing should be too big or out of balance’. 

This is something that you may have noticed is even depicted in Ancient Greek statues

One woman on TikTok is going viral after discussing the reason behind the small appendages. 

In her video, the history buff says: “What I wasn’t aware of was that the Greeks often presented their enemies, the Egyptians, the satirical creatures, and even fools in comedies as having large appendages – so it was quite a negative thing to have, which is quite different today.”

Greek statue
Tiny d***s may be coming back in fashion, or at least according to some experts. Credit: Alamy

She continues: “Turns out that in ancient Greece, having a smaller package was considered a sign of virtue, of civility, or self-control or discipline.

“Meanwhile, having a bigger one was a sign of lustfulness, of gluttonous appetites and barbarism, which is quite interesting because it’s different to today.”

While the Ancient Greeks may have made their preference pretty obvious, it’s not entirely clear whether they were the only ones with this mindset. 

Although smaller manhoods may have once been ideal, over time things have changed – and it may actually be due to evolution. 

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As reported by National Geographic, early humans didn’t wear clothes, which made seeing a man’s pen** much clearer. 

So if a woman was to choose a man based on his manhood, these decisions could have potentially influenced the evolution of larger pen***s. 

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Brian Mautz, a biologist at the University of Ottawa, Canada, says: “We can’t say for sure that female choice is what drove the evolution of penis size.”

But he goes on to add: “At this point in time, penis size has an effect on attractiveness.”

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