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Americans Explain To Europeans Why Saying ‘You’re Welcome’ Is Passive-Aggressive

Americans are taking to social media and arguing that 'you're welcome' sounds passive-aggressive. 
Credit: @superdesidrinks/TikTok

Although you may think you’re being polite by saying ‘you’re welcome’, Americans are taking to social media and arguing that actually, it sounds passive-aggressive. 

In society, people are expected to follow a series of ethical codes which is made up of expected and accepted behaviour.

For example, if you’re in a queue you need to be patient and wait your turn – no matter how long it may take.

It’s also expected that whoever reaches a door first should hold it open for the person behind them.

While it may seem that it’s clear what you should and shouldn’t do in certain situations, people are taking to TikTok and leaving people fiercely divided.

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A group of American TikTokers are sharing videos in which they share their confusion about a lot of things that Europeans think are completely normal.

Some are arguing that when people say ‘you’re welcome’, it comes off as rude.

TikTok user Arjuna explains: “It can sometimes feel a little passive-aggressive. It has this implication of, ‘I know, you should be thanking me’.”

The content creator’s clip is captioned: “I promise you, Americans are actually very polite!!!”

@superdesidrinks i promise you americans are actually very polite !!! #usa #american #thankyou #yourewelcome #english ♬ original sound – Arjuna

Many people have taken to the comments and said that they agree with Arjuna and never say ‘you’re welcome’.

One viewer says: “I always say ‘no problem!’. ‘You’re welcome’ feels passive-aggressive, also it’s more friendly and casual.”

In agreement, another adds: “I would never say you’re welcome. In any situation. It’s always ‘no problem’, ‘of course’ or ‘thank YOU!'”

While somebody else comments: “My regular response to ‘thank you’ is ‘my pleasure!’. It tends to satisfy the generations who prefer ‘you’re welcome’ well enough.”

Many Americans think ‘you’re welcome’ sounds passive-aggressive. Credit: @superdesidrinks/TikTok

“I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought this!” writes a fourth person.

Someone else says: “Yes! You’re welcome is almost snarky, I always say ‘no problem’.”

However, some people have taken to the comments and defended the phrase, with one writing: “It sounds strange but the origin means it’s like at your pleasure, or you are welcome (invited) to use my service.”

Another adds: “As a Brit who now lives in the US, I feel so rude if someone thanks me and I don’t say ‘you’re welcome’. Anything else feels passive-aggressive to me.”

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Many people have taken to the social media platform and shared that on visits to the US, they were left surprised when they realised no one said ‘you’re welcome’.

Australian content creator Georgia McCudden reportedly posted a now-deleted clip in which she reenacted an interaction she had with a server, as per MailOnline.

In the video, the YouTuber shared that she said ‘you’re welcome’ in response to a server who brought her over some ketchup.

The employee apparently responded with: “Mmhmm.”

In the deleted video, McCudden reportedly said: “I was like, ‘I beg your f***ing pardon’. I’m sorry, I didn’t know that was a big ask.”

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