Woman Says There Are Two Signs To Look Out For In Men That Are ‘Always Down To Cheat’

TikToker @baddgal_fifi has shared two signs to look out for that prove a man is down to cheat.
Credit: @baddgal_fifi/TikTok

A TikToker has revealed the two major signs to look out for that men are ‘down to cheat’.

Many people are a little bit paranoid about their partner cheating on them.

Be it past traumas or just an anxious attachment style, it’s something a lot of people in relationships fear above all else.

A private investigator and a whole bunch of relationship experts have previously revealed the telltale signs to look out for among cheaters…

But now, a TikToker has revealed that there are just two major things you need to look out for – and the video has left the internet divided.

The two major signs pointed out by Fiona (aka @baddgal_fifi) all have to do with how men behave on social media, and viewers quickly flooded the comment section with their own personal red flags…

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One writes: “This described my ex. Another one is if their friends are doing shady things and they’re okay with it.”

Another agrees: “Can confirm after my last ex.”

A third writes: “True I wish I knew this sooner.”

Somebody else shares their own horrifying story, writing: “He literally tried gaslighting me into thinking cheating is normal and that I should be more open-minded!”

While another adds: “Gonna upset all the boys with this one because it’s true.”

TikTok user @baddgal_fifi
A woman has shared the two signs to look out for in men who are ‘always down to cheat’. Credit: @baddgal_fifi/TikTok

Fiona begins the video by saying that guys who have ‘cheater energy’ or are ‘DTC (down to cheat)’ will do one of two things.

She also swears this advice has ‘never failed her’.

1. Following many influencer girls on Instagram

She explains: “They have an Instagram account and follow tons of girls they don’t know, especially fitness girls.

“If I see that he follows a bunch of fitness girls I’m like, ‘DTC’.”

2. Following every girl on Instagram

Fiona’s other warning sign is sort of the opposite of her first – but she insists it’s just as bad.

“He has an Instagram account and he follows every girl he’s ever met, the woman who serves him at the taco truck – he’s following her – normal gals, but tons,” she says.

Fiona concludes: “If they’ve spoken, if they’ve crossed paths, he’s got her IG. It’s giving DTC straight up.”

Fiona also reveals that there are other signs she looks out for on a prospective partner’s social media.

She warns women to be aware of guys with a lot of female friends as ‘some of the lines are blurred’ and also claims men who don’t have any social media can also be dangerous!

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