Influencer Who Decided To Clean A Random Stranger’s Grave At Night Leaves People Divided

An influencer known as The Clean Girl has sparked a fierce debate after cleaning a stranger's grave at night.
Credit: @_the_clean_girl/TikTok

An influencer has sparked a fierce debate online after cleaning a random stranger’s grave.

A random act of kindness is defined as an unpremeditated action which offers kindness to the outside world.

Nowadays, if you scroll on TikTok, you’ll come across influencers documenting ‘random acts of kindness’ for all to see.

This is when things get murkier.

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Could it be that they’re doing something ‘kind’ simply as a means of creating content and generating praise?

Well, one influencer who decided to clean a stranger’s grave in the middle of the night has ignited this discussion, and it’s left the internet divided…

The Clean Girl
The Clean Girl has divided her followers with the viral video. Credit: @_the_clean_girl/TikTok

It all started when TikToker @_the_clean_girl, who has over 1.2 million followers at the time of writing, uploaded a post.

While her video has gone viral, it’s not been universally praised.

In the clip, the woman says: “I’m at the graveyard at night, cleaning this abandoned grave for free.”

People have been quick to question the TikToker’s motives and highlighted the weird tone of the video.

One person pens: “There is absolutely nothing wrong with cleaning a neglected grave but the way she talks about this woman does not sit right with me at all.”

The Clean Girl
The TikToker’s motive for cleaning the grave has been questioned. Credit: @_the_clean_girl/TikTok

Another TikToker insists: “Yeah she’s doing a good deed then exploiting the deceased… also her tone is disrespectful… she could do these videos without being like that, people love to watch restoration content, it’s not necessary.”

“There’s a person that does something similar on YouTube and her tone is so much more respectful and you can tell she only talks about the person’s life to make sure they aren’t forgotten, it’s really sweet,” a third shares.

However, not everyone is criticising the influencer – with some praising her gesture.

“You’re so kind,” one follower enthuses.

In agreement, a second says: “God bless you for doing this awesome work.”

So let’s take a look at the video and why it may have sparked such a debate…

The Clean Girl
The TikToker asked some bizarre questions about the deceased woman. Credit: @_the_clean_girl/TikTok

In the clip, The Clean Girl begins: “I have so many questions in my head. What’s happened? How did this grave get so dirty?

“Who’s buried here? Her name’s Bienvenida. Wow, her name is welcome in Español.”

The Clean Girl then says it’s ‘the dirtiest grave’ she’s ever seen and that she wants to give the deceased woman ‘a beautiful resting place’.

But she also asks some pretty odd questions about the deceased woman.

At one particularly bizarre point, she asks ‘Does she like chocolate cupcakes?’ before taking a bite of one.

The TikToker also brings along a shovel, which many have noted is an odd accessory for cleaning.

@_the_clean_girl I cleanee an abandoned grave at night 👻🪦 #scrubdaddy #scrubdaddypartner ♬ original sound – The Clean Girl

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Written by Annie Walton Doyle

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