Brutal Horror Film Dubbed The ‘Most Disturbing Movie’ People Have Ever Seen

Bone Tomahawk viewers are saying that the film has left them 'scarred for life' and it's been dubbed one of the most disturbing movies ever.
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People who have seen a brutal horror film are saying it has left them ‘scarred for life’.

Over recent years, we have seen a rise in horror movies that have garnered critical praise and achieved cult status among fans – despite maybe not being box office hits – due to being original and outright disturbing.

Terrifer 2  had viewers throwing up in the middle of screenings, while Men was also so scary that people were walking out of showings.

Now people have discovered a film from 2015 that has left a haunting impression on them.

Watch the trailer for the ‘disturbing’ film below…

Bone Tomahawk is a Western about a Sheriff, his deputy, a gunslinger and a cowboy who embark on a mission to rescue three people from a savage group of cave dwellers.

The film boasts an impressive cast as it features stars such as Kurt Russell (The Thing)Patrick Wilson (Insidious)Matthew Fox (Lost) and Richard Jenkins (Step Brothers).

It’s directed by S. Craig Zahler – who is known for his violent stylised filmmaking and is behind movies such as Brawl in Cell Block 99.

Just going by the premise and cast, you would be right to assume that this is simply another Western story with a plot similar to other films from the genre.

But you’re wrong, as Bone Tomahawk takes a drastic turn and delivers some of the most brutal and horrific imagery in recent times.

Bone Tomahawk
Bone Tomahawk isn’t your standard Western film. Credit: RLJ Entertainment

The film is available to watch on Amazon Prime and people have taken to social media to react to it.

One person writes: “And the fact that this movie has quite the cast with Kurt Russel, Patrick Wilson and Richard Jenkins makes it all the better. One of the best horror movies of them all in my opinion.”

“I went in thinking it was just a cowboy movie, I was wildly mistaken,” quips someone else.

A third person adds: “Most of the movie is just another western, but the ending will leave your jaw on the floor. Very strong gore scenes.”

Reacting to one moment in the film, someone shares: “Probably the most disturbing scene I have ever seen.”

“My stomach turns every time I think of it and I want to erase it from my brain!!” agrees another user.

While a sixth person comments: “To this day I regret watching this movie. One scene has left me scarred for life.”

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If you are looking for another film that will scare the living daylights out of you, then The Collector might be the one for you.

The film follows a man who decides to break in and rob a house in an attempt to clear his financial debts.

However, upon entering the property, he discovers that someone has already broken in and they have a much more sinister intention.

It was originally planned to be a prequel to the Saw franchise, but after that pitch got turned down it went on to become its own film that has gone on to be a cult favourite among horror fans – with some dubbing it as one of the ‘scariest’ movies they have seen.

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